By Mayabie - 16/10/2011 21:08 - France

Today, at my job in a cosmetics department, I was helping a customer find something to her taste. She said, "I want a lipstick like yours. Something that says, 'I'm a bitch'." FML
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"Trust me, you don't need any help in that department!"


Yeah, because that's quite complimentary..

Yes, because calling someone a bitch is a compliment.

15- I prefer sarcasm.jpg, check it out sometime.

fr33m3xican 0

A back-handed compliment if there ever was one.

Well it also depends on the tone of the customers voice. But I don't think she meant what she said unless she intentionally wanted it to.

skata 4

1- didn't know you could use bitch as a compliment but I'm glad I do now, I'm gonna use it a lot more now

OneNightStan 2

Well this is an easy fix, wear less lipstick!

Is anyone else stunned, I can't think of how awesome and hilarious this situation is. For some reason I just find it hilarious.

More like verbal roundhouse kick to the self esteem!

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You should've responded "you don't need that! Your current shade looks great...what is it? "I'm a c**t"?"

Holy shit. That comment fails harder than mine.. You've outdone yourself...

Oh dear Lord I am sorry!!! I read that soooooooooo wrong! Please... Thumb down my previous comment to hell. Even I did.

Yeah, well I was just acknowledging my mistake and apologizing to the commenter for accidentally trolling. You were just a genuine troll. So good day to you sir.

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I would of said: I recommend something for your eye for that. Then would of punched square in the eye.

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you would have been fired then

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All right stop collaborate and listen...

Well I would've asked her "Awwwwww does someone need a hug?" And then proceed to squeeze her til she can't breathe.

moviegirl6 5

It would've been worth getting fired. I work in retail and customers like that are such a pain in the ass. The customer is most certainly NOT always right.

"Trust me, you don't need any help in that department!"

markrs 0

I can see it now. Two women bickering in the make up aisle :)

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I called, 6 times. Now tell me, have have you been whooped 6 times so far?

Depends on the tone and inflection of her voice but overall I would have taken that as a compliment and had a smile on my face too! That sounds like an awesome customer :)

Some girls think being a "bitch" is considered a compliment and proud to be labeled as such. I'm sure that's what your costumer meant. If she meant it in a /bad way/, I doubt she would continue to let you help her. (:

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iceliebedich 7

I LOVE YOUR CAT!!! anyways, that's very true:)

Nope, I'm a tad bit morbid. (: but a "bitch" has MANY meanings. It can mean: ***Look at me. I'm a strong woman that doesn't take any crap from the world..... (and things along that line). Thanks for the compliment about my cat.(: He's looking at me wondering why I cut his balls off. Lol

Oh, in the original French version of this translated FML, the meaning was definitely insulting.

Keep in mind that the customer effectively called herself a bitch too, 'cause she wanted lippie that said so.. I'm going to go with the customer thinking it's a compliment.

Perfect song to sum things up, lalalady!

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Jamicianprince 1

Why the f$%* do I keep getubg thumbed

Jamicianprince 1

Hey I am peaceful and your hurting my feelings

Probably because your comment was boring and obvious.

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Okay I am just here to comment no need to be a douche

Jamicianprince 1

I was only answering your question. Don't take it personally, buddy.

Cause your comments are all pretty much the same :P

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This is why there is an age limit on FML.


I don't get how this is a FML...