By Badlucked - 03/05/2019 06:00 - Canada - Montr?al

Today, I spent almost an hour cleaning and scrubbing the inside of my fridge. Just when I'd finished putting everything back inside, I tipped over the open milk carton. FML
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No use crying over it.

When it’s 2019 and Canada still hasn’t invented milk bottles


No use crying over it.

your milk carton was left open for over an hour? what are you? riddled with disease constantly? because I can point out why

As someone who was born in Ontario, OP is most likely talking about the carton that holds our bagged milk. If it's almost empty, they're easily tipp-able! (Also, depending on where you are in Canada, It's still cold outside, and when I do a deep clean I stick my crap in a large cooler outside!)

Don’t you know the fridge loves it when you scrub the inside of its big belly.

That’s good because I don’t like milk. I like many dairy products, just not milk by itself. ...What were we talking about?

what kind if stupid does it take to flip something that doesnt need to ever be flipped

When it’s 2019 and Canada still hasn’t invented milk bottles

its cause paper is more degradable.

that's a classic fml. I do that stupid sh** all the time at work l, and lemme tell ya it gets tiring.