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Tip 1: Never leave cookies alone

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar!


They're just cookies.

I don't think you understand just how good Girl Scout Cookies are

Exactly. These cookies are only around once a year and they are worth the wait!

Girl Scout cookies are only sold once a year. A box is a real treat when I buy one.(:

Or how expensive, #6...regardless, what can I steal from you, #1, until it's not "just" something anymore? Tell me my limit.

Wrong. They're GIRL SCOUT cookies.

Yum! Girl Scout cookies !!! :)) I'm excited because I bought a box of peanut butter cookies from the girl scouts the other day!! I was a girl scout cookie virgin! I tasted them and they were Ah-maz-ingggggg!!

You, my friend, are dead wrong... They weren't 'Just cookies,' they were friggin' Samoas.

#51- Welcome! Those are my favorite as well. I bought a box from a friend recently and being that they only come out once a year, one learns to really cherish them.

55, Noooooooo! Those are my favorite and aren't those the most sold cookies each year? The stores even had ice cream made with three flavors from the girl scout cookies and that was one of them. I wonder if they are doing it this year.

JUST COOKIES?! apparently you've never tasted girl scout cookies, they're like the best cookies ever!! Samoas are my favorite also!

That's like saying "it's just oxygen"! Girl Scout cookies are necessary for modern survival!

Thin Mints are better :I

Ohhh man. That sucks. At least they weren't thin mints! (Samoa's are my second favorite.)

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar!

Lookatmygoat took the cookie from cookie jar ....

Tip 1: Never leave cookies alone

C is for cookie, that's good enough for me Oh, cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

Must take 3's advice. After all, he is the Cookie Monster

I'm rather surprised that #3 gives advice like that, since he's the one that should take advantage of people like OP

No, you're a genius and we'd have never even thought of doing such a thing! How did you make that connection?

Thanks for the advice, Mr. Monster. By the way, can you tell me your whereabouts on Monday about 11am? :)

Don't worry, now you're one less box of cookies from reaching obesity, heart failure and obesity.

You know it's okay to have sweets in moderation. I'm sure if I have a couple cookies today it won't kill me in twenty years, just like how if I don't have a cookie it won't save me in twenty years either.

A little in depth research and you might be surprised... See you in 20 years - or not.

But what about obesity?

You said obesity twice.

And one box of girl scout cookies further into loss of faith into humanity, depression, and hunger.

maybe you co-worker ate them so you would buy more?

Next time, leave them out of sight in your desk drawer. The temptation cookies tend to incite is too much for some people. F your cookie-less life, OP :(

Damn cookie monsters. They're just always around.

I think you should do the oreo trick, where you replace the white frosting with toothpaste and leave them on your desk. I bet your food wont ever get taken again.

I guess those Thin Mints were hard to resist! ***Sorry for you. I work with a bunch of food thieves myself.

Look for the one with the milk mustache!