By need a job - 24/6/2021 13:02 - United States

Today, on Asshat Bosses…

Today, I was fired from my cashier job for "abandoning my post." I saw a man pass out in the 100° heat in front of our store and I rushed to give him water. Not to worry though, my manager assured me he wouldn’t press charges for the water I took from the fridge, but I’m still fired. FML
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  Chazzster  |  21

Call your local TV station. They will love the story and your former boss will be shown up for the a-hole he is. You might even get a job offer afterwards.

  Bogrbon  |  24

In many states with at will employment and right to work laws, this definitely wouldn't constitute wrongful termination. Maybe just termination without cause (hello unemployment insurance, goodbye asshole boss). In most cases the termination has to be for something specifically prohibited by law to be unlawful, like for making a good faith report, whistleblowing, or for a protected characteristic (race, religion, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, etc.).

By  asflack  |  9

If someone has a medical emergency or accident, store employees are actually required to not interact or touch the person to avoid lawsuits. It's stupid but they tell you that when you start training for the position.