By Anonymous - 26/04/2012 12:08 - United States - Indianapolis

Today, I walked into a public restroom to find that they had set up a free health clinic for the homeless; by that I mean that I found one bum inspecting and cleaning the infected, bloody genitals of another bum. FML
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Thanks for putting that image in my head. If you excuse me I'm going to hit myself in the head with a brick to lose my memory of this FML.

This is wrong in so many ways. That's why public restrooms are only used for emergencies


jerseyboy732 16

you wanted Obama care

Doesn't matter, had...medical attention?

I might just have to lobotomize myself after reading this FML. *grabs hammer and ice pick*

Oh balls! That's a 'bloody' bad situation you walked into!

*Covers up "I'm not a Gynecologist , but I'll take a look anyways!" shirt from public view*

Idonebeenhad 17

I was eating lunch when I read this, guess whos not hungry anymore

Aw, people will say anything to be in the first thread of comments!

71 is obviously speaking from experience.

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Panicked, I would thumb you up 1000 times, but your comment is so long, I can't even thumb you up once. Very well said, and if readers get nothing else from your comment, at least maybe they will think before they judge another persons life.

Wtf happened to his balls?... *shivers*

94 gets a thumbs up for restoring whatever loss of faith in humanity we experienced from 2. Thank you, 94.

[email protected]: The answer to your question is all of the above. I'm currently studying child and youth at school, and a lot of these issues come up. There is no general umbrella of reason that can explain homelessness. Every person's situation is different. That's why it's so hard to help them sometimes. I understand how you feel. Every time I pass a homeless person, I would love to buy them dinner. I think it makes me entire day to know that someone will have a warm meal. Which makes me think: I'm glad there is aid for the other third world countries, but why are we ignoring our own? I think Western society's attitude towards homelessness has a large part to do with those few people who scam others. It's unfortunate, but we've been conditioned, especially after this rich "homeless" people making the news. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but I hope I answered your question.

at #19, not sure why this was downvoted.. i thought it was pretty funny

151: Thanks bro, I thought I was pretty hilarious too.

I've actually never been the first to comment because normally what instantly pops into my head isn't worth saying, like Ew, that's not really something worth reading :)

94 At my church we have this homeless man living there but it is really sad because he is paralyzed from the waist down but everyone at my church even the kids do whatever than can to help him.

This is wrong in so many ways. That's why public restrooms are only used for emergencies

F the bum's life for having his genitals infected and unable to go to the doctor, or cannot afford the doctor. No pun intended.

32, pardon me for being stupid enough to ask, but where was the pun? :/

You aren't stupid, 72. There was no pun.

siickman 7

I wanted to say the same thing 79 lol

32- that wasn't very punny

Im more interested in ho OP could tell the bums wang was infected.

alwaysrunnin 3

Is anyone else questioning the gender of the bums?;/

ok 115 maybe the bums were female that still doesnt explain how OP could tell her junk was infected.

alwaysrunnin 3

134- I'm just getting at male or female, someone cleaning anothers bloody genitals is sick. ESP male... They have no reason to be bleeding

The pun was "F the bum"

I wish I could thumb up this comment...but it's at 69

deathpotato 11

Oh what the fuck. How?

This is why some people scare me.

Where is the sarcasm font when you need it....

Octain 13

It's sarcasm

No really?? I couldn't tell

Trisha_aus 15

Sarcastica is the best font..too bad it doesn't exist

crackz12 10

Right man, fuck that bums life homeless and cant even beat his meat.

No, even bum health care is expensive!

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Feel bad for the dude with a bloody dick, he has a freakin blood dick

Thanks for putting that image in my head. If you excuse me I'm going to hit myself in the head with a brick to lose my memory of this FML.

This isn't a dating site 39...go flirt somewhere else. I'd reccomend Redtube, but the women are quite promiscuous, and the conversations tend to be one-sided.

challan 19

I wonder if the actual site was half as bad as my imagination has made it.

Uggggh why did I scroll down?!?!? WHY?!?!

45 what did 39 Say?

Bad mental image.

Awwww thats sad but i'm sorry you had to see that OP

F everyone's life in this FML.

Angelrose2004 17

Is that including commenters as well for getting such a horrid mental image?

eyecon502 13

Did you assist?

I bet like a reue AMERICAN patriot OP stepped up an fondled that hobo's infected balls.