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By  Sam Siggers  |  8

not all nerds are the cliche of nerd. alot of nerds/geeks know how to fight basically or go to the gym frequently. the classic cliche of the skinny little white nerd is long be gone. Today you cant make fun of any particular group without getting your ass kicked. if your going to make fun of someone, be ready to get into a fight and can handle yourself. if you cant shut up, head down and keep walking. good advice for your brother before someone really goes to far on him simply cause he has a bad mouth.

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

Never mock Pokémon. Look at Ash. Travelled all over the world, caught a ton of monsters with awesome powers, made every 90s kid jealous when he met Misty, and is now the most powerful Trainer in the Alola region. And he's still only 10! That's not something to laugh at, that's something to aspire to. Except the whole "being 10" thing. Can't legally get drunk when you're 10.