By 1D-107 - 31/07/2012 17:43 - United States - Logan

Today, I was babysitting three kids, one of whom was particularly difficult to control. While trying to get him to behave, the two girls came up behind me and pulled my pants down. In front of a huge window open to the street below. FML
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PuffDaddy395 3

Are the kids studying astronomy? Maybe study of the stars, sun, and your moon?

Sounds like you need to ask the parents for a raise... And maybe a leash


PuffDaddy395 3

Are the kids studying astronomy? Maybe study of the stars, sun, and your moon?

I think that was human anatomy. Nevermind I killed it. I'll stop now

dheunwj 3


HowAreYouToday 34

At least they didn't see the other side of the moon.

DeadxManxWalking 27

And the big dipper

Wow...just wow

Chances are no one is always looking up when they are walking down the street. Although, if it's NYC people are always gazing around

People only gaze around when they are in new York? No wonder I feel out of place when I gaze around.

85- i agree and op is in utah.... im pretty sure there is a small population there.

Can't believe no one's brought up Uranus yet.

85 - In Utah there is a small population, but it's actually quite dense in the Utah and Salt Lake valleys. The OP may live in an apartment in downtown SLC, or in a suburban town. So who knows if anyone even saw? Besides the kids of course.

19 - I'm thinking the people on the street may have seen the other side since the window was in front of him. :/

*Not just NYC

19-If you are referring to the "dark side of the moon" then Pink Floyd saw it.

ashtonlm 3

Wow that has got to be embarrassing... Just punish them

mduffy08 8

With fire... FIRE!

no no just keep tapping there necks while making the "Tsst" sound and eventually they will be in a calm and submissive state. You must be a dominant pack leader.

Unplug all electronics lock the doors and show them a video of childbirth. Next time they might mind themselves if not, show them the brain surgery you are going to have done on them if they misbehave again.

JKr3slEMO 5

so OP...I see you're One Direction fan..I was going to write a clever comment( or at least attempt to) but now...I just can't.

Probably should've punished the kids -.-

Jesus. I read this as "probably should have pushed the kids".

Oh shit. Double post. Uh... What to do... Uh... OH EE OH AG AH TING TANG WALLA EALLA BING BANG and shit.

What? You've guys have never misread something before? Just me? God, what's wrong with me? Oh. Right. I'm crazy.

mduffy08 8

35 - Well, you are having a conversation with yourself.

Well duh, Mr. No means yes.

mduffy08 8

Uhhh... The devil made me do it!

Don't bring the politicians into this.

Haha, good one.* Take that.

bvq25 8

if politicians are devils that makes the president satan. i knew it!!!!

Thats why they call him O-Bomb-A. !!

Satan does throw a great "Hell on Earth 2006" party though

3 on 1. That's hardly a fair fight.

Yeah when I was a kid I would kick my babysitter in the shin, or punch her in the boob, then run and hide, I was a little shit. Sigh, Those were the days.

Once way back in the time where the dinosaur ruled the world, I unhooked my babysitter's bra drummed out songs on her boobs. And then she woke up. And then I continued. And and is not the proper way to start a sentence.

No and is not a proper way to start a sentence, but we all appreciate the honesty in the story where you drummed on your babysitters boobs, or, stay with me here, you are referring to another FML?

No, when this happened Perdix was just starting to comment on FML and Docbastard had just created TheManInTheMachine. This is an experience not an FML.

'and then the parents pulled up in the driveway...' that would make it a true FML.

57 - Now you're going to have to wait until your super old to touch random boob. Those were, indeed, the days.

comeatmebroo6254 1

Eh. Don't be too embarrassed. If you pulled your pants up right away I doubt anyone saw. In the mean time though... Put those kids in timeout!

TheDrifter 23

Timeout, that's the time it takes them to get up after you punish them, right? Man I need an urban dictionary app.

18- what the **** did you just say?

89. Are you really that clueless?

Sounds like you need to ask the parents for a raise... And maybe a leash

Leashes, that would be best.

Yes, leashes would make sure they're always in pant-pulling range aswell...

Blackmail111 9

1 baby sitter. 3 kids. It's time for The Sitter Part 2!

So it means you got tricked by three kids and the whole street witnessed it... FYL op !!

Well no shit, that's exactly what OP said.

I bet some kids got a shock sex ed session on the street below...

pcentral 17

Haha you got OWNED!!

Trisha_aus 15

So what does she own now?

I'm moving to sydney.' 2 months baby

Hey 65 nobody cares