By Miss_Kristen - 26/02/2012 15:31 - United States

Today, an African-American family came into the restaurant at which I work. They said, "Jackson, party of 5." After I laughed, I realized they were serious. FML
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Hey, I would've thought it was funny too.


Damn_Hippster 11

That's awesome! I would have high-fives them.

TunechiXXL 0

A B C it's as simple as 1 2 3...... Wait they weren't happy @ you laughing?

TunechiXXL 0

Does Joe Jackson hafta smack a bitch?!?

hawkey126 0

I moderated this. Eff yes

48- nobody cares

Who are any way???????

X_Codes 11

Well, fail on the OP's part. Jackson is a real family name, so even if it's funny it's rather stupid to somehow think that they weren't being serious.

it's not like that family has never had anyone laugh at that before!

juicystar777 4

why were you laughing at them? is that some kind of racist joke? :(

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98 - he thought it was a joke because of the old music group Jackson 5. The group Michael Jackson was in when he was young.

juicystar777 4

ohh! wow this is the first FML i've actually understood :D 98 - no he laughed because they were an African American family, had 5 members, and last name was Jackson. . . Like the band the Jackson 5! See? It's not that hard to solve once you put your thinking cap on ;D

109 - Why are you so smart? You amaze me.

b0ngs 7

*Facepalm* @ 109's comment

juicystar777 4

125 - are you being sarcastic? :O :(

Ooh did they give you one more chance, to show them that you love em?

KiddNYC1O 20

137- Dead serious.

#137- no he's not!! Your comment was pure genius! We all agree!

#137, nope, no sarcastic people around here..

DSfriscoe 2

I didn't get it at all.

juicystar777 4

ohh. haha

Gosh 185. You must make Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Hawkings jealous, what with your superior knowledge.

157 - thanks for clearing that up for me.

Thatpianoguy 12

Leave 185 alone, dam you guys are mean.

b0ngs 7

The internet is a mean place, 207, a very mean place...

I said I understand the Jackson 5 don't understand the down votes though

Marcella1016 31

198 - Yep the Hawkings are jealous. All of them.

slayer447 17

It could have been worse. They could have said "Donner, party of 5"

SystemofaBlink41 27

No... You are one grade A smartass, you!

Its like that time I accidentally said "nickel back?" while giving back 5 cents change. I laughed to myself...


That's actually how they got their name. Legit

once at IHop, they called Jackson, party of 5. It would have been funnier if we weren't them.

Hey, I would've thought it was funny too.

Andr913 13

It would've been even funnier if they had a brother who was supposed to join them but he left and was replaced by one of the 5, as well as 4 sisters who weren't in the group.

Swing and a miss, right 73?

SecretMe00 5

How come I don't get a fourth of FMLs... Like this one for instance..

Not enough brain cells I suppose

Haha don't sweat it, that's really funny. If they get mad at you their most likely boring losers. One would hope they can grasp the concept of a joke

174- maybe you are just stupid. Ever heard of the Jackson 5? It was Michael Jackson's family band when he was younger!

sammisweets93 12

Jackson 5 like Michael Jackson dumbass

It just seems too funny to be a coincidence

Oh sweet sweet irony xD

In appearance it seems like a joke in reality its not...crazy white kids these days

Did Mr. Jackson offer candy to any of the little boys at the restaurant?

Did Mr. Jackson offer candy to any of the little boys at the restaurant?

^Way to be "that guy" ..smh

Someone had to bring it up sooner or later

Not even close to being ironic.

I'm assuming everyone who thumbed up this comment had no idea what "irony" meant.

Hmmmm I have no idea what irony is Wait! I think I figured it out it's a guy who has an iron knee No Lolz? Okay I'll go sit back in the corner

Mister_Triangle 21

Since I can only give one down thumb, I can't do much to fight the ignorance that persists about irony.

BornToFlyThenDie 0

Irony- A state of affairs or an event that seems diliberatly contrary to what one expects and is often amusing One of the three uses of irony, the other two are and expression of speech and an adjective. I don't think the poster of this comment did anything wrong with word usage.

Irony: The expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. A good example is the film Fight Club in which the main character becomes enslaved to a new idea to break away from the old one. Hope that clears it up...

Awww I still wish it was a guy who had an iron knee I want an iron knee That would be so badass ^_^


chaoticxxxmess 3

There were 5 people and their reservation was under Jackson. You know, like the Jackson 5. Where Michael Jackson got his start.

TunechiXXL 0

Does Joe Jackson hafta smack a bitch?!?

Woah, the Jackson 5?! What's that!

JayJaysGirl 0

I don't want to live on this planet anymore...

chaoticxxxmess 3

59- Playing it off like you actually know what's going on now, eh?

Google... does wonders for ignorance

59 - I dont even... Out... Just get out and take your fail with you

FinJage 18

102 - A person is not ignorant for not knowing some group/band. I'm sure I could name a band and call you ignorant for not knowing it.

But a band as famous as the Jackson 5?

theevilduchess 12

Be careful. You don't want to become god.

147 - Uhh, yeah, it does. That's the definition of "ignorant". You don't know.

#147... Ignorant means uneducated in the fundamentals of a given ART (which means music) or branch of learning. So yes, a person can be ignorant for not knowing of a band, singer, etc.. You don't think someone could be ignorant for that yet you say you could call someone else ignorant for not knowing of a band..

59...It was kind of already explained. ._. Where Micheal Jackson got his start. It's a band.

That is the definition of ignorant: not knowing

I'm sure they were quite offended, was one of them white?

No, but he became white later on in life

Your picture is how I feel about your comment.

Haha I woulda laughed too.

Haha, can't blame you for that one

Ur a douchebag

victoriakarsynn 0

How is she a douchebag? All she did was laugh. Grow a sense of humor.

I'm sorry 65, I agree with your comment but..."grow a sense of humor"? Lol I didn't know humor could be grown. Like a tree!

Not literally omandapants, grow some brains

Get a sense of humor

Meant to be aimed at #9

Not to be a Grammar Nazi... But isn't it humour? Or are both uses correct?

One is British English, the other American. :P

Lol, that's funny!