By nothesisforme - 11/03/2015 14:01 - France

Today, I asked my professor for his opinion on the subject I plan to study in my thesis. Turns out, he likes it so much that he's going to steal it from me. FML
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I don't have anything witty to say, that just sucks. I'd report him to the higher-ups.

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This happened to my roommate when she started her PhD! It took her an extra 8 months to find another lab after the experience. You need to report that professor for stealing your idea. Don't let the same thing happen to you.


I don't have anything witty to say, that just sucks. I'd report him to the higher-ups.

Steve95401 49

Absolutely. Professors are expected to uphold academic integrity and not plagiarize materials.

There's no guarantee they'll believe you, but it's better than doing nothing.

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Document everything and start building a case. He's a piece of shit.

I hate to be the downer, but this is how academia works. Ph.D students get their work stolen/have credit taken all the time, which took so much more planning than a thesis. I'm not saying it's right or that it doesn't totally suck, but I really doubt anyone is going to do anything. Sorry OP, it's a shitty world out there.

That professor was no Einstein, so he had to plagiarize.

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Talk about intellectual theft.

Hopefully OP emailed it to the professor, this way OP has proof

can someone explain what this one's about ? I don't understand :/

She asked a teacher to look over their work, and the teacher liked it so much that he stole the credit for doing it.

Incorrect, 7. She told him the general subject she was going to write the thesis on. Theses are incredibly important for passing courses in college-level settings, and subjects are quite hard to find that you'd be willing to invest time in and be able to succeed in. Basically the professor stole a very long time of planning.

No, OP told his/her professor what topic he/she was going to use for their thesis paper. The professor liked it so much that he decided to write his own paper on the topic.

Professors have to write their own papers? o_o

If they're doing a Masters as well as teaching, yeah. Relatively common

How did they get the teaching position without the degree?

You can teach with a bachelor as long as you are working for your master.

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#74 There's an S/M joke in there somewhere...

well it sounds like if he really likes your subject then you'll probably get a good score on it. I hope he doesn't steal all the credit though, that would be shitty. FYL OP.

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That is exactly what he is doing

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yeah, basically listened to all op's thoughts viewpoints and ideas on the subject and decided they were going use them for themself on a paper of their own.

That just sucks major balls. Nothing you can do?

Colleges revoke degrees due to plagiarism, yet your professor is plagiarizing a student. What is wrong with people?

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the same teacher that will say stealing work is against school policy I'm sure

Why does the professor need the idea? Is he going to write an article?

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Part of being a [research] professor is continuing to do research and publishing case studies, proposing theories, etc.