By Not_High - 23/03/2012 06:18 - Canada - White Rock

Today, I was accused of being high. Why? Because I was playing with a milk bottle. FML
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Not_High tells us more.

For everyone wondering, there were multiple teachers who accused me. Then they proceeded to contact my parents on account of my 'strange behavior'

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Define 'playing'.

Were you trying to make white stuff come out?


Were you trying to make white stuff come out?

OP's a girl...

4 what's your point?

16- Frankly, I don't remember. Apologies

I feel bad for you OP my mates also think I'm high when my eyes are red but what they didn't know is that when I yawn it looks like I'm crying and a little bit of tears come out

enonymous 8

Coco Puffs are a gateway drug now.

Yup, ever since I started banging seven gram rocks...and finishing them, 'cause that's how I roll.

Milk comes in a bottle now adays!? Damn, im still used to jugs and cartons.

Depending on your action you could have been high..

I was accused of being drunk today for talking to my parents before going to my room when I got home from school last year lol

I was gonna clean up my room, but then I got high...

12 your comment doesn't make a damn bit of sense

I was recently awake, it actually happened a year ago. Fml

I don't understand! Do you mean you recently woke up? Then it would clarify why your comments don't make a danmed bit of sense.

Define 'playing'.

And 'Milk Bottle'

coletrain11 5

And "was"

madgrinchhatter 12

And 'with'

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Someone else is currently interacting without an object.

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Define "not high"...

Who accused you is a huge part of if this is a FML or not & how you were " playing" with it

What's funny is this exact thing happened to me a couple months ago. Yes, a milk bottle, and no, I wasn't.

lucyinthesky420 10

25- that's so funny, tell me more.

SpruceDread4578 13

5- I didn't think of it like that, brings in a somewhat new perspective. BTW, nice smile.

Who here hasn't been accused of being high at some point

Hah, my parents would actually constantly accuse me of doing drugs when I literally hadn't touched the stuff in my life. Now that I actually DO get high, they've never questioned me about it. Heck I've smoked in their bathroom during Christmas break and they were completely oblivious. Although I have told my mother that I smoke and she doesn't really care. My step father was always the spazzy one about it...

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All I hear these days are, "are you high?" or "are you higher than a kite!?!?!?!"

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Or at least drunk.

b0ngs 7

....the ****

linkinpark98 23

What does 'gutts' have to do with this FML?

Perhaps the only reasonable explanation of playing with a milk bottle is being high? hmm let me check yea you were mostly likely high. YDI

olpally 32

Way to jump to an idiotic conclusion after op clearly implied he wasn't high while doing it. Smh

Judgmental, conspicuous and disingenuous conclusions at its finest.

Mister_Triangle 21

You can't do anything silly these days without people assuming you're on something. The world is too serious.

Well if you hadn't stolen the bottle from a baby and the milk wasn't breast milk, maybe people wouldn't think you're high. Get your own bottle of milk next time.