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Today, I got stood up by all five of my friends. I had to spend two hours getting hit on by a guy because I didn't feel safe to drive home. Their excuse? They didn't think I was serious when I said I was already at the bar. FML
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  dietcoke09  |  25

I think her actions when talking to the man would be hints enough for him. Sometimes when guys talk to women (or any genders) we tend to back up, tense, look uncomfortable, glance around for help, etc. Some guys honestly just don't care and keep talking/bothering us. If it's a busy bar the bartender wouldn't notice and/or care. This happens all the time and most of the time men don't do anything to help because they really just don't care. Even if she left, she said she didn't trust herself. She would be putting herself in more danger by being drunk and having a man follow her to "help"

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Alright, she just called and said she's already at the bar. No way she's telling the truth."

"If she's lying about being there now—which is totally a thing people do—then it's not like she'd just show up later anyway. Therefore we can't go at all."

  AyeJay101  |  25

I lie saying I'm at a certain location because some people just have to be 200% perfect before they go out which adds an extra 20-30 mins if not more.

By  cootiequeen4444  |  11

did you actually drink enough so that you couldn't drive while you were by yourself? which would be irresponsible though solution to that would calling a cab. Or if you didn't feel safe walking to your car by self, you could has asked some random people if they could escorts you to your car because some creep won't leave you alone and you are by yourself and don't feel safe walking to your car by yourself.. make sure to ask a group though and not like a single random person because for all you know they are creepier than the creep harassing you. I feel that, especially of you ask a group of woman or a mixed crowd, that you would get some sympathy and a few volunteers. Barring if maybe you parked an eon away... then idk...maybe make a break for it if/when the creeper goes to the bathroom. Idk... I'm not sure I'd be able to stomach being harassed for two hours...tbh, likely the longer you waited to leave the bar, the paranoid you got that guy was thinking to follow you out... when maybe he stuck around because you didn't leave the bar? though I feel you regardless. I'm paranoid by nature. if my friends did this to me, I'd chew them out then be like bye bitches and walk out of their lives forever. 5 out of 5 not showing up sounds weirdly suspicious... though... I did say I was paranoid by nature so *shrug*