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Today, I found out that the huge project I've been working on for the past week is actually a group project. Everyone in my group knew. They were just letting me do the entire thing by myself because I'm "smart". FML
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hamrtym 15

Haven't you heard? Snitches get stitches. However, they can play "dumb" and turn it in with only their name on the project. Then act appalled when others try to take credit.

In this situation, it's not really being a snitch. He should stand up for himself

That may not work, as one time I had to do an entire project on my own because my group members all bailed at the last minute making me do their work. When we turned it in, I got marked down for the way I presented, being too "flamboyant" while they all read off the project. Afterwards I tried telling my teacher that I did the work, but he said that I wasn't being graded on the project itself, but the way I acted. I got a lower grade than them in the end and that may happen to OP as well if he speaks up, I'm afraid that may be the case as well.

Queen_of_Night 20

#47 Exactly what kind on class was it? I would talk to the professor. I had a group project that was suppose to be out end of class assignment. Of the 4 others, 2 helped me quite a bit, one gave me the minimum of what I asked and the last gave me one paragraph of hand written notes from a video that was watched in class. They were late to the presentation (to buy cookies and juice because you know, important). As I was stuck being group leader, I had to finish what they didn't. I also made them read out their part of what they was suppose to give me during the presentation. I had a chat with the professor, who I had a good relationship with, and explained my difficulties. I also mentioned while we were talking, that this person told me on the first day of class they were only taking it for the "easy A". My prof accidentally said, "Guess that's why they're making a D then." They're not suppose to do that of course but I never said anything.

Present your part correctly and then say "And now over to Bob..." Make sure Bob's PPT is just ****.

What class was this for? If it was public speaking than I understand. Otherwise, go to an administrator and give a formal complaint about the teacher. At my college, things only get changed if the student goes to an admin. Teachers sweep it under the rug, we cannot.

This is where you point out when handing over the work, that the rest of the group did no work at all and that you did all of it. That way if its school only you get a grade, if work then they get written up/you get a bonus.

My concern would be , is it an online project or written. If written only putting your name on it will work. If online, they will have access and can edit it to add their names. And if they are this bad, what is to stop them removing op's name in retaliation. Just be careful about it.

awildwhisper 30

This happened to me and the teacher said unless I have witnesses or they admit to it, he can't do anything.

OP could just erase everything/change it to gibberish so they can't just copy it and then at the heart last moment upload the the good copy/run it to your prof before the deadline with some bs excuse.

This is when you take all the credit, leave their names off, and turn it into the teacher without informing them. It's their F, not yours!

Definitely don't put their names on the paper, their loss!

SuperMew 22

Write a cover letter to the group projecting, informing the teacher you completed all the work on your own. Then you leave their name off it and hand it in yourself.

Well you can either let them get away with it, or you could submit a detailed project report on the healing properties of unicorn feces with illustrations and flow charts and watch them all admit they didn't do anything before submitting your actual project.

Don't tell the teacher but put ' A project by (your name)'. Then you can tell the teacher without being a narc.

leogachi 15

I'm of the opinion that if you don't want to be "snitched" on, you should do the work assigned to you instead of forcing others to do it for you. Op shouldn't feel guilty about having a conversation with their teacher/boss about it.

I would tell your teacher and not put their names on it.

Mathalamus 24

if you actually did it, then you are smarter than the rest of your group. combined.