By jill - United States
Today, after weeks of money slowly disappearing from the stash in my bedroom, I confronted my son about it. I'm not sure which is worse: that my son is a thief or that he actually blamed his father for it. We've been divorced and haven't spoken for eight years. FML
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  tjv3  |  10

beat his ass. make sure that when you are done beating him he never wants to steal again. then beat him again until he learns to take responsibility for his own actions.

  mike3775  |  33

Do what I did with one of my kids when he didnt learn the first couple times I told him never to do it again. I went to the police station, talked with the police chief, and asked him if he could come to the house when the kid is home and "arrest" him for theft. (I even made sure to have video tape evidence of him stealing the money)

After doing that, no money has ever disappeared again from my house, and he has grown up as well, since the chief not only arrested him, but also drove him to Juvenile Hall and let him spend a few hours locked up as well.

  mike3775  |  33

Well if grounding him, and taking away all his toys doesn't get the message across, what else am I supposed to do? The kid was 14 at the time, he knew stealing was wrong, and if grounding him for 30 days and taking away everything of value to him doesn't get the point across, a mini scared straight option is in order. He saw first hand how hard it would be in Juvenile Detention, with the strict structure they have and not being allowed to see or talk to friends or have any of his favorite toys, taught him a lesson.

Sometimes it is a pain int he ass as a parent, and sometimes parents need to take drastic measures to straighten a child out. I would rather have him arrested and taken to Juvenile Detention knowing he would be coming home in a few hours, then to have to take the kid to court and have him be sentenced to legitimate time in lock up, because if he steals from me, more than likely he may be stealing from others.

  CringePotato  |  14

A lot of people really don't trust banks, so they have cash stashes in case something happens to them. This is especially in people who had to go through the great depression though, because the whole thing was started with banks closing and not paying the money back.