By DemonicDummy - / Thursday 5 January 2017 05:06 /
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By  Lindsey15  |  2

I realize that this situation must have sucked for you, but reading this made my day- and it's only 6AM. I would just be thankful that he didn't start speaking in tongues and chanting at you. :'D Thanks for the laugh, OP.

By  AKchic  |  7

*laugh* If that had happened to MY kid, I'd be laughing my ass off (as much as I am just reading this).

If you really want to be cool, go ahead and say you're not a demon, but a dragon (might have to go to season 7 for that episode). Or that you're a demon eater.

Or, you could be boring and just explain the truth, allow yourself to be touched with salt and "holy water" and call it good. Or, let him brush up on his latin and perform an exorcism.

By  TheyCallMeDamien  |  17

Everybody knows salt is for ghosts not demons.

He would need to capture with a confinement spell first before attempting an exorcism. Duh!

Sam and Dean have been teaching for years and people still get it wrong.

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