By SoMuchPee - Australia - Melbourne
Today, after scrubbing every surface twice a week for a month, I finally found the source of the pee smell in my bathroom. Under the toilet. The people who built our house didn't think it was necessary to seal around the toilet. There was two years of pee under there. FML
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  never_three  |  21

An improperly sealed toilet leaks through the base. Under every toilet is a hole for the plumbing, and if that hole isn't properly sealed it's going to leak with every flush. That leak means liquid will build up under the floor.

By  MrCT  |  22

You are not supposed to seal around a toilet so you can see the water when the wax seal breaks, if it's sealed you will never know it's leaking until the floor is soft from water and needs replaced.

  iwin8166  |  13

I was about to say the same thing. Op needs to turn off the water, drain the bowl and tank, remove the toilet and clean under it if it's really bothering them. Then put a new gasket in and re-install.

By  trucker2  |  33

Time for a new wax ring, kids seem to flop, drop, and use the throne in a rough manor... makes the shitter loose, and the smell of death invade the bathroom.
It's a quick fix- if you can stomach the smell...