Dogs with jobs

By Anonymous - 13/05/2016 21:11 - United States - Lawrence

Today, my family got detained by airport security thanks to one of their dogs. It didn't even bark to indicate there was something wrong, though. It just kept sniffing my dad, probably because we had our dog with us in the car on the way there. FML
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How did your dog get back home?

Maybe the dog was feeling 'scent-imental'


Maybe the dog was feeling 'scent-imental'

Really? You had to didn't you?

#25, yeah! Why not?

You should've screamed "it's a bomb".

Yeah so that's how you get shot/detained and some serious jail time.

...2, I have the sneaking suspicion that you are probably not the best person to take on a trip.

I usually scream "I don't have a bomb" anytime I enter an airport so everyone know right off the bat I don't have a bomb

How did your dog get back home?

I can't tell if you're serious or not...

They probably dropped it off at a kennel or put it in a crate to fly

They killed it

AnOriginalName 19

Someone like a family friend dropped them off, most likely, and they took the pup along to say bye.

He took the car home, they didn't want to have to pay for parking.

the driver probably staying with the driver

The dog drove itself home, like in the Subaru commercials.

they probably have it in one of those kennels if they're taking the dog with them

Sounds dangerous. Is that dog even old enough to drive?

they don't bark they sit

zeffra13 31

They're usually trained to sit when they detect something, not bark.

Came here to say just that.

Of course distract the bad guy with cuteness and grab him from behind.

Doge: Something is suspicious. This man smells like a bitch.

You should've sniffed his shirt and said smells like the same old ****** I left home with

Different dogs are trained to alert differently. There isn't any set "alert" for drug dogs. It could be an ear twitch, or barking, or sitting, etc. so this could be how that dog alerted to the presence of drugs.

Ok so I help train these dogs here in Texas. They are trained to sit or follow the scent of explosives, and to ignore everything else (food, other pet scents, people talking, etc.) Sometimes dogs will be dogs and they get a little goofy, but it's up to the handler to discern what's curious sniffing and what's a serious change in behavior.

That sucks but I'm glad the security is good - better safe than sorry