By Agonised - 29/5/2021 00:01


Today, I went to the hospital for crippling back pain that made it impossible to walk. The doctor was more interested in telling me off for not taking a pill that he admitted doesn't help acute pain. He then gave me an injection that wore off in an hour, and sent me home, telling me to take over the counter meds. FML
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By  Briarpatch  |  21

Sounds like fear of opioids to me. I would bet they're thoroughly afraid that either (a) you are faking it and trying to get your hands on some opioids or (b) if they give you opioids, you might get reliant upon them.

By  Yudith  |  20

Try Robaxacet for the back pain while you wait for your doctor's appointment. It contains muscle relaxants, which makes it work way better than simple pain pills. Afterwards, hot pads and exercises to strengthen your torso help a lot.

By  ilykbaglz  |  20

my fiance went to the hospital for the same type of thing and they gave him a shot and sent him home and he still can't walk without crutches. Not to mention when he said he took medicine they assumed he took opiods (he took acetaminophen) and treated him like a druggy.

By  0neiros  |  14

That’s what hospitals do nowadays I’ve got a friend his mother who is in the hospital with a broken neck let me repeat that a broken neck and all they gave her was Tylenol it wasn’t until he went there and had a total meltdown on them that she got something more realistic they’re so afraid of the “opioid crisis“ does he just don’t give two dams about how much real pain people are in. I’m dictating this while I’m in the hospital but I’ve already told the doctor you don’t give me pain medication I’m checking myself out of here even if it means I go home and die you’re gonna have to grow a backbone until that doctor go back down to South America where he got his medical degree and let some real doctors do some work