By mafille - 19/03/2015 03:22 - France

Today, when I dropped my 6-year-old daughter off at school, a little boy ran up to her so I asked his name. My daughter explained: "Oh, don't pay any attention to him, he's my slave. He's come to carry my bag. See you later, mom!" FML
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Little guys already writing himself a one way ticket to the friend zone

Off to a good start, for a dictator.


Off to a good start, for a dictator.

I reeeeally hope he's not black.

That sounds like 50 shades of What The Fuck

Redoxx_fml 22

She'll be on the iron throne soon at this rate

LMFAAO whatta girl

Merylwen 24

You mean what a bully.

Nope I meant whatta girl ;)

Same difference

#156: I'd like to offended, but I'm not, because it's true?

Your daughter is a total diva

Little guys already writing himself a one way ticket to the friend zone

The friend zone doesn't exist

.... Or the slave-zone....

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#53 how doesn't it

56, because no one owes anyone their affection. It's incredibly aggravating when people have a crush on a friend, don't bother saying anything, start doing nice things for that person, and then get indignant when that person doesn't return feelings. People who keep claiming they were friend zoned need to grow the **** up. I know I already said it, but I'm going to say it again. No one owes ANYONE their affection.

I think it's fine to be upset when you like someone and they don't return it. That's all the friend zone means to me. I agree with you though. If you bitch about it like the person wronged you, you're a douchebag.

I'm guessing the people who thumbed them down are "in the friendzone". And that's seriously what it is. No one talks about friendzone unless they are complaining or saying the person is horrible or whoever they are dating is horrible(may or may not be true anyone turns horrible when they get something you want)

59, I totally disagree. The friend zone is used by people who aren't mature enough to accept that affection isn't required. A lot of the time, the people who say they're friend zoned are using it to make the person who didn't return feelings look bad. It's fine to be upset, but sitting there acting like they owed you something because you liked them is insane.

It's Not about them Owing you affection. Being in the friend Zone just means that you like the other person a lot while he/she just views you as a friend. It's Not blaming anyone but rather a Situation you can be in.

66 I still don't necessarily think it's a bad term, even if it is primarily used by assholes. Although, I honestly can't think of any reason to use it unless you're complaining, so maybe I'm wrong.

Ianamis 6

All the friendzone is unrequited love just a different term. I have been friendzoned and of course I am not happy about it. I also say to them that I wanted more than that and they say they aren't willing,but willing to be friends I also have the right to say no I don't want to be your friend. Now the person doing the last thing is considered more of an asshole. Why? They wanted something more and instead of being hurt for so long they left the relationship entirely that is also their right as a person.

No, that person is an asshole because they feel like they're entitled to the affection of someone, and then act like a petulant toddler and go "FINE! I won't be your friend at all!" then storm off and brood. If you're not mature enough to accept rejection, you should just stay away from relationships completely. No one wants to deal with that shit, and you'll quickly get a bad reputation if you consistently behave like that. Is behaving like a twat your right? Yes indeedy! But don't be surprised when it comes back to bite you in the ass, and it will.

What about the people who tell the person they like them and the person says "oh I only think of you as a friend" technically they're in the friendzone but what if they don't bitch or moan or wine about it but accepts it and continues to just be friends? Not everyone who is in the friendzone is an asshole.

87, then just say that they're just friends. At this point, the term "friend zone" has a lot of negative connotations, and it's starting to be used as a way to shame the person who doesn't want the relationship.

87- Why does that have to have a special name though? Is it really that difficult to say "S/he just likes me as a friend"? Saying that you're "in the friendzone" just makes it sound as if the person who has rejected you has done something wrong by only thinking of you as a friend.

With all the friend zone comments I honestly forgot this FML was about a child enslaving her peer.

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People are not vending machines that you insert kindness into until sex or a relationship falls out. That's why the "friend zone" doesn't exist.

Alright I'm here. What did I miss?

Except when u get slammed in the friend zone but the girl won't let you go with anyone else

To #89 and #91. I understand what you're saying I just had never thought of it in a negative connotation. I've used it but not saying that I wasn't still happy to be there friend.

OK, lets get a few things straight. Rejection is something to be dealt with maturely, yes. Friendzoning on the other hand should be condemned for the emotional leeching that it is. What "I only like you as a friend" really means is "You are unattractive, but your attention is good for my ego so I will string you along with no regard for your pain over unreturned emotions". That is friendzoning, and it SHOULD be used as a shaming term to women who do that.

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Porque mujeres.

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It's generally normal behavior for kids to be pretend to be slaves to each other.

True, I remember back in elementary school people pretended to be married to each other and whatnot.

I remember in grade school if someone lost a bet it usually meant they had to be the winners slave or the winner got their choice of any snack from the losers lunch box because we all had no money. Pretty normal IMO, don't worry too much OP.

What school did you people go to?!

The slave scenario (as 61 mentioned) does happen in school. However, for a 6 year old to be doing that is a bit weird in my opinion. But the bigger issue I think is the "don't pay attention to him" as if he doesn't mean anything. Usually when you're doing the "if you do this I'll be your slave" it doesn't mean you wouldn't introduce the person to your parents or that you treated them like crap, you usually just made them carry books and things. And even weirder, I don't know anyone that was doing that game that young. Usually that was in middle school or something. If I were op I'd have a talk with her to explain what's appropriate and find out if they're just joking around or if your daughter is starting to be a diva/drama queen and is already walking all over people.

yup I used to play slave with my brother. We would take turns doing what the other asked like making them lunch for example

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why is 42 being down voted? i have the same question. what crazy ass school did you people go to, KKK High?

Also keep in mind that 6-year-olds probably don't understand all the really bad connotations to slavery yet (dehumanizing, lack of rights, kidnap, etc). For them, it probably just means "(s)he has to do what I tell them until X time because of a game/favor they owe me." In fact, if they asked an adult what the word meant, they'd probably receive a child-friendly answer like "someone who has no choice but to listen to orders." That, to me, makes it a little less strange (since their intentions are innocent)... but if it bothers OP so much she should just talk to her daughter about the more negative side of slavery (obviously not with great detail) and explain that owning slaves is not something to be proud of.

#78 she is 6 years old....she doesn't think like that come on.

when i was in grade school this girl would always bring cookies and give us some if we called her "queen victoria" and occasionally do things for her lol

Hahahaha, she's ready to be a CEO or a politician!

But hopefully one that pays her subservients..

Many political offices have unpaid internships. Same with big corporations.

That's illegal in Australia. The government subsidises apprenticeships to ease the cost of training on businesses.

The OP is from France and I'm from the US. We're bound to have different ways of going things.

Or dominatrix

Well, she's doing well for a 1700's Queen.

And he's doing well for a 1970s Queen.

Sounds like you daughter knows how to be a leader or a master?

Or a mistress...

she's gonna rule the world lol

Pretty resourceful of her, the world is her oyster