By workworkwork - United States
Today, after working for over ten years at a dead-end factory line, I told my friends I was going to take some business courses and land myself a real job. All they've done since is laugh, mock me, and say that if Clinton couldn't fix the economy, I have no chance. FML
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  n_epic_fail  |  14

Steve Jobs Was a college drop out and now Apple has more money than the US government.

Moral of the story? ignore the dumb asses and fallow your dreams... What a cliché :]

By  trollfaced  |  2

Prove to them that you can get a better job than them, and when you do, go back to the factory and laugh at them, then say "look who's laughing now"

  Fx13mz  |  7

This is why I believe Clinton was probably the best president the US has ever had, if not second to FDR. I wish his wife became president instead of this guy we have now :I.

  HatefulPilot  |  0

37- Please change your picture. Your comment sounded somewhat intelligent, even though I disagree rightfully, (keeping politics aside) but when I see that certain picture of you, it reminds me of someone not so intelligent. Being sincere here :D