By highschoolsucks - 21/01/2015 02:41 - United States

Today, I let out a monstrous fart at the gym. They said it didn't even sound human. FML
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So I guess you could say you're... ...ripped.

Must have sounded pretty impressive. Well Done!


Must have sounded pretty impressive. Well Done!

I know! why must OP be disappointed with it.

katydid91 31

Maybe OP is an X-Man and doesn't know it yet.

If it was Taco Bell it probably would have been more than a fart ;)

I was gonna say White Castle. But I know what White Castle does to me, so I guess I can just throw this comment away

I guess you haven't been on the internet long enough then ;-)

The question is what animal did it sound like? I'm going with chicken.

Maybe there's a career in it for you op ;-)