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Today, the play I was directing opened. The curtain opened, and my lead actor and actress weren't prepared. I could tell from the looks on their faces as the whole audience saw him balls deep in her, doggy style, on stage. FML
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Hey...OP here. So in this theatre there are two curtains. The second one (more up stage, away from the audience) has been broken. So we just open both curtains, since the second one never opens. We perform in front of it and it's no big deal. We get some great lighting off it really, and once we had someone stand back there and shake it and looked cool. Someone fixed the second curtain without telling us. The actors were having sex behind the "broken" curtain and it opened. No one told them to stop because they were quiet, and no one wants to tell people to quit having sex... So anyway, there it is.


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Imagine telling your grandkids that like "I remember when i was in high school, i got a lead role in the school play. The whole school saw me getting ****** doggy style on once the curtains opened. Great memories. Have fun in high school"

This comment plus the FML had me grabbing my sides from the comedy.

Yeah, should have checked on them before opening the curtains

I know 59 was probably joking, but part of me agrees. Yeah they shouldn't have been ******* ON STAGE right before a show but don't they usually make sure everyone is ready and do a "places everyone!" type thing before just throwing up the curtain. Then again I'm not a director. Not a YDI, but I am curious as to how this happened.

#78: From my stage experience, honestly, it probably didn't. You're right. Plus there's always going to be people in the the wings. Other actors, or at least set crew, or props. Unless this was an ULTRA-minimal two-person show.

If this happened at any production I had ever worked on, the show would be immediately canceled and the only reason they wouldn't be arrested would be because the crew would have dragged them out back and beaten them half to death before the director could finish apologizing. When people pay money and end up seeing a sex act is about the only time the show doesn't need to go on.

woooow... holy shit... That's ******* hilarious

This is the best fml of the millennium by a very large margin.

They say sex and violence grab the audience's attention. Bravo!

How'd the lead actress get the part OP?

you could say she was 'pleading' and on her knees for the role #110

How typical that you're focusing on the woman and ignoring the fact that the man is equally responsible here.

I think they were just getting to know each other more so they feel more comfortable around each other. *sarcasm also I dont think they want to perform anytime soon

Damnnn, I'm sorry this happened to your on your performance day! It was f***ed up for your lead performers to do that without thinking of the consequences. I hope things clear out soon!

Were they playing Cersei and Jamie Lannister?