By Anonyme - 16/05/2014 07:55 - Canada - Saint-jean-de-matha

Today, I finally decided to get my five-year-old son a rabbit, so I explained to him how to take care of it. When I'd finished listing all the things he'd have to do, he replied, "That's too complicated... Couldn't we just eat it instead?" FML
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At least you know he'll do well in survival situations. Next thing you know, he'll be testing out recipes with the neighbor's hamster, and the snake he found in the backyard.

As an owner of two bunnies, I can tell you that they're high maintenance. Definitely not a good pet for a young child.


I was thinking stew, both equally delicious.

I would be down to trying rabbit for the novelty of it. It would have to be a feral species though. Not the ones sold as pets.

Growing up in Ireland, my Grandma ate rabbit stew all the time. My dad and uncles would go into the fields and put a ferret into the rabbit warren and when the rabbits ran out, shoot them. It was free food and very tasty, and it helps the environment as rabbits are quite destructive. Eating a pet rabbit though is a bit of a queer one..

That's not FYL, that's fuck that rabbits life.

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Rabbit just sounds delicious for some reason, from the wild or not

I actually like the taste of rabbit, it's a little on the chewy side though!

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29 - Rabbit is consumed in so many cultures. I guess it's sad but life feeds on life no matter where you look.

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I'm sorry, but 5 years old is just too young to take proper care of a rabbit. F that rabbit's life indeed.

I agree! An animal is a great responsibility and 5 years old is way to young to take on such responsibility.

Oh no, I love rabbit. It's my favorite meat besides deer meat.

Child sounds cooler than parent

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Ok note to you no more pets for that kid.

I voted no on this......

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You want a medal? No one cares.

Let's give her a gold star.

-_- I just don't see it being a FML.....Don't know why I'm getting voted down....just commenting my own opinion....

At least you know he'll do well in survival situations. Next thing you know, he'll be testing out recipes with the neighbor's hamster, and the snake he found in the backyard.

It's a bit of a 'hare-raising' issue though, don't you think? ;)

It's a dirty job, but somebunny has to do it.

It's rabbit weird though

How bunny your jokes are.

And that is how serial killer/ cannibals are born.

I don't really see how this is a fml. Many 5 year olds have a difficult time taking care of a pet. Rabbit is a common animal to eat as well so...

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Rabbit is actually a delicious animal to consume

reasonable question OP. Smart kid

I've never tried it where can I find them ?

I'm just wondering why the fuck op tried to get her 5 year old son a rabbit and rely on him To take care of it??

Who killed roger rabbit mystery solved ;)

You tried, but not very well.

#23 It would appear your harebrained scheme to garner thumbs up left you tumbling down the rabbit hole.

As an owner of two bunnies, I can tell you that they're high maintenance. Definitely not a good pet for a young child.

Absolutely, I had a rabbit when I was around the same age, and it was so aggressive. In hindsight I was just picking up the little bugger and annoying the poor thing, but I was too young to know.

Bad pet, nutritious meal.

I don't know about "bad pet". My bunny is litter trained, comes when called, does tricks, and even goes on walks with me. She's an awesome pet. My other bunny is blind and fat but I still think they're awesome animals :)

41 - How on earth did you manage that? I'm honestly not trying to be obnoxious; I love bunnies, but I didn't think they had the mental capacity to be taught to respond to commands, let alone taking a walk at your side.

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I have two pet bunnies and work in a pet store where I have talked several people out of buying bunny /rabbits for their little kids. My oldest rabbit comes when I call him, snuggles with me and watches tv on the couch. The youngest (the baby) is learning her name and comes half the time when called, it's not hard. It's like training a dog, you just keep at it with treats or pet rewards.

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I agree 100%. I have two rabbits, and I do not think they're suitable for children. Most don't like to be held, and kids often lose interest. Mine are litter trained, but it's still a mess to clean! Cat litter is much easier to clean. Also, adopt, don't shop! There are TONS of rabbits in need of homes in shelters. :)

I had a very evil bunny some spawn of Dracula once... It would charge at you and try to bite anyone that touched its cage. Lets just say it didn't last very long...

79- both of mine are rescues. :) and I get them to do anything with treats! They respond like dogs to food rewards. They're intelligent.

Exactly what I was thinking. I've seen so many parents buy rabbits for kids, just to dump them at a shelter when the kid injures them and the parents don't want to pay. I cringe when someone says "I bought a pet for my kid!"

#58, they aren't quite as intelligent as cats or dogs, but they have a very high mental capacity. "Rabbits=dumb" is a myth I often have to debunk. I had one figure out the lock on her pen! Mine are also litter trained, come when called, and know how to ask for attention.

woah... W. T. F.??

why'ed you get downed?

Steve95401 49

Of course you can, son. In fact, they taste just like chicken.

I hope I have a child like this one day.

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You should have gotten a betta instead. All they need is a 2.5 gallon tank, heater, and food. I recently got my son one and he enjoys helping me clean the tank and feed him

At age 5 I would always take my fish out of the tank to play with them. The only game they were good at was play dead. :(

rocker_chick23 27

I caught my son doing that once and I told him if he did it again that he wouldn't help me with his betta for a month. He likes helping me with the animals and promised he wouldn't do it again.