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Today, in class, we were discussing stereotypes. We were asked about common ones about nearby cities. A guy said, "Well, they say Lumberton has the prettiest girls." My teacher asked if any of us were from Lumberton, so I raised my hand. The guy quickly said, "Nevermind." FML
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Pwn17 25

Jesus Christ... Why are so many people absolute assholes?

Little did you know the guy is gay and was looking for another guy to raise his hand.


Pwn17 25

Jesus Christ... Why are so many people absolute assholes?

No ******* kidding. It makes no sense at all. I've never sought solace in the suffering of others, and I just don't ******* get it. I want to meet these people, line them up along a street, roll down my car window, stick my hand out, and slap every single one of them at high speed. For shit's sake, people, love each other. It ain't that ******* difficult.

Please do that would be the funniest thing ever.

Well, the shallow, conceited ass monkeys I knew in high school and college seem to have spawned a new generation. Look at it this way OP; you found out quickly that he belongs on the "Not worth my valuable time and effort to see if he might like me" list, and you can rest assured you're way too good for the trouser snake.

#26 I like how you say to love each other but you go into detail about hurting others.

I see where you get that idea. But that pertains to people who hurt others needlessly.

KiddNYC1O 20

It's a ****** up world... =[

SkyGuy32 17

The sad thing is, the assholes are usually the most popular people. People just love assholes. Erm… uhh… people like guys that are rude and muscular over nice and mediocre?

I hate that people laugh at these types of things I can totally see the teacher and other students laughing about it. It's become accepted behavior because they think it's comedy. So disappointing!

I agree with what you say, #51, but the idea is still funny. "Man we should all just love one other! Now line up so I can smack the shit out of you."

Little did you know the guy is gay and was looking for another guy to raise his hand.

What part of "prettiest GIRLS" didn't you understand?

No no: prettiest gurls. I'm just not used to using an "I". "Girls" is too mainstream.

Wizardo 33

Seems like common sense and proper grammar is too mainstream nowadays as well...

SkyGuy32 17

If you want to be original, it doesn't mean you have to change what you do because other people do it. Just do what you like and be yourself. Sorry if those words were too mainstream.

iDaika9xL 13

Lol he tried to make the op feel better

@64, I know how that is. Back in highschool, I used to wear black a lot and get picked on and avoided because of it, then everyone started to do it and all of a sudden I was just "trying to be cool". I just kept on wearing it till they stopped and it went back to normal. it works that way with everything. Just ignore "mainstream" and do what you want. Mainstream will pick up something else soon enough and you will be left to your original self once again.

Pwn17 25

Oops I'm on my phone and not used to the app.

The FML said "prettiest girls", why would op raise her hand if she was a guy?

Cobro 5

Because OP is a pre-op and we need to respect her life decisions.

Ouch!! That sucks. I'm sure he's just jealous of your looks.

Why would a guy be jealous of how a girl looks?

He's upset he can't work that up-do like she can.

RedPillSucks 31

because he knows he wont be able to "tap that", so he says something mean.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - To me OP may be as ugly as a trout but in your opinion she could be as pretty as a goddess.

I'm an asshole and I can say that she's ugly

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

40---highlights and some eye brow wax job? itll open up your face and lighten it up.

FMLephant 2

It is. I used to live there. Some pretty girls, but the city's nickname is "Dumberton" for all of the idiots living there.


Yeah, there is nothing special about Lumberton. I've been there plenty of times and live 30 minutes away from there. Ain't nothing there but a whole bunch of fake wannabe so-called "Native Americans". But that's another story.

Wtf dude, I'm from Lumberton, NC and I believe I am fairly attractive. I'm no beauty queen, but most of the women I know are some really good looking broads. Rude! And half of my family is Native American, but even they would agree with you on that point (somewhat).

False. We call it "Lumberdump". I've never once heard "Dumberton" used. But I may reserve the option to borrow this name hahahaa

Well he probably just did it for a laugh. Kids in school have this uncanny ability to hurt people, and unfortunately spectators just eat it up. After Highschool, college, etc., it really does get much better. BTW I never once saw a girl be called pretty by a guy in front of people in school. Almost all guys are scared shitless to be made fun of or rejected at that age, so he could have been backtracking for that reason as well.