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Say Anything 2.0

Today, my ex-boyfriend's attempt to win me back involved standing at the bottom of my apartment building with two airhorns, blasting them and shouting. And for some reason, singing "Sweet Caroline", even though that's not my name. FML
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  silversti  |  0

I'm not gunna make fun of the dude, I had my heart broken recently, and that shit hurts more then any physical pain I've experienced, oh so many sleepless nights

  HIM_Becile  |  0

there are two scenarios which we all can conclude. one he cheated on her and wants her back OR she found someone else and dumped him. Either way, I am saying ( sorry fellas ) the guy could have put on a little more effort in the relationship to make it where he wouldn't be dumped. Perhaps not enough communication skills and trust between them or the relationship has gotten dull from the same routine. And it goes with all fellas, maybe we should use our hearts more and listen. I think if this guy listened to this girl and used his heart to completely earn the trust pu

  wolflover44  |  5

It is the thought that counts. And in a way I think it's kind of sweet. Well, ish. He tried... That's more than a lot of guys do. I give ten points for trying, minus three for bad planning.

  X_Codes  |  11

-100 for using air horns. Seriously, am I the only person in the world who finds those things obscenely annoying?

If the guy screwed up and wants to make amends, then he needs a serious adjustment in his strategy.

  Sacurason  |  0

79- There are many, many, many more reasons for breakups than that, many of them situational. You can't assume that he wasn't listening to her; for all we know, he was too touchy-feely. I know that's not likely, but passing judgement based on possibility rather than knowledge is never the fair way to go.

  MikalaHart  |  4

I agree... plus at least he's trying to win you back! I mean it could be worse, he could already have a new girl friend and I'm sure OP wouldn't like that much either