By Lovejunkie - / Monday 1 March 2010 07:30 / United States
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  jellybean120  |  10

that's just mean! there are white/latinos/european dudes who have small dicks too.

but yeah, I once saw an Asian porn were all the guys had teeny tiny dicks. Made me think they all have small ones.

  reyemrein  |  0

A solitary creature, the cougar stalks it's prey. After a long chase, she pounces! But unfortunatley, there is very little meat on this prey. Looks like thus cougar will go hungry.

  moonshine_bek  |  2

It's nothing to do with being shallow, just sex is an important part of a relationship so if the guy doesn't satisfy you what's the point?! all parts of the relationship must work. I would never point and laugh or be mean about it though.

  ToastyXD  |  0

uh that stereotype isn't true and I'm living proof. My eyes are actually huge and I'm vietnamese and I have an average sized... yeah XD but i'm still in puberty so it may grow bigger. But Asians are ninja in bed though XD

  Haileykins  |  0

okay dipshits, listen up. when someone says asians have small weiners, they don't mean EVERY SINGLE asian no exception ... and they don't mean people of other races can't have baby pricks too. the fact is, asians on average are at the shorter end of the dick-o-meter.

  jellybean120  |  10

@ #118. I'm only saying that I saw an Asian porn and sadly all the guys had tiny dicks. I didn't say all Asians had small penises. I'm sure there might be a some black guys out there with small dicks, too.

  sourgirl101  |  25

Don't feel too bad. He at least got a chance to have sex. Some girls would have looked at it and just plainly said 'ah no ,that thing is not coming near me'. Sorry Op. They do make finger condoms for when you cut yourself, just in case there's a second date. Then you would deserve in.

  mitch707  |  0

Why are girls such bitches. I feel sorry for the poor guy. She liked him but because he had a small dick she makes it an fml? Big dick doesnt = good sex. Using ur tongue and fingers with ur dick is far more effective and size becomes irrelevant.

  jenni_1285  |  0

as opposed to guys who wouldn't even think of posting an fml about a chick who was sloppy loose or tiny boobs.

also to all of the stereo typing going on: i have been with big and small guys of black white and Asian

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