Let down

By Anonymous - 23/12/2021 17:01 - United States

Today, I visited a friend out of state. We've been flirting for months and decided to fool around at night. He was very loving and attentive, but... he'd bragged about his dick being 6 inches and it ended up being not only thin, but very short. So thin and short that I couldn't really feel it. FML
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who braggs about 6 in 🤣 Girl next time you need to validate that

Oh, no! Not a pencil dick!


who braggs about 6 in 🤣 Girl next time you need to validate that

I was thinking the same: Who is proud of 6 inches?

Oh, no! Not a pencil dick!

(1) That’s one of the reasons God gave us a tongue. Seriously there is more than one way to stimulate a clit. (2) If what was most memorable was the size of his dick, then I pity both of you.

You don’t stimulate a clitoris with a penis but I do get your point....

Lucky O'Guin 18

Girth is WAY more important than length, because regardless of what ignorant size queens believe, all the nerve endings, clit, and g-spot are within a couple inches of the vaginal opening, so if his "short dick" was the issue and you never explored any of the other ways to get your o, you absolutely deserve it!