By trippybmth - 23/12/2014 00:54 - United States

Today, after doing tons of research on a wand my little brother wanted for Christmas, I finally found one on eBay for $60. After already giving my credit card info and confirming the purchase, my dad called me and told me he found the exact same one for six bucks at a local toy store. FML
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You should have checked Diagon Alley

You just broke a rule! You're not supposed to reveal the existence of magic to muggles. You're going to get yourself thrown into Azkaban.


'Twas a nice gesture anyways man don't feel bad hopefully karma will repay you :)

Why does it bother me that you said "'twas"?

how ... through credit card cash back..?

#19, I thought it was funny.

'Twas the night before Christmas eve......

he can cancel the order.

You should have checked Diagon Alley

what sort of sorcery is that?

I wander how you feel op

What's Christmas about if not spending way more money than you intended to on presents anyway?

You just broke a rule! You're not supposed to reveal the existence of magic to muggles. You're going to get yourself thrown into Azkaban.

Just chargeback your card :)

Totally fair on the seller who may then be unable to sell it before Christmas. Not his fault that OP didn't think to check locally. I realise that is assuming anyone else would be dumb enough to spend $60 on it. Some business sellers put prices to ridiculous levels when out of stock, to prevent sales, so maybe OP will be in luck.

If you used PayPal you can get your money back.

Not exactly unfair to the seller. He/She is selling a toy worth 6 bucks for 60. That's a rip off.

Assuming that they really are exactly the same. Things are worth what people will pay, he wasn't forcing anyone to pay it.

$60 on a toy wand?! Seriously, you deserved it for spending that on a wand. For that I'd want real magic or it to be made of gold.

It's not that Sirius #6 Ok I think in trying too hard now

how do you mean you want real magic? it is real, you filthy muggle!!

I doubt that a wand off of eBay is a real wand though. I doubt they'd risk them getting into the wrong hands.

Haha. 60$ for a real wand or one made of gold. Silly muggle has no idea what the price is to pay for either of those. Maybe you would get a wand made of pine for that but not willow or one made with a Phoenix feather.

The only magic #6 would be getting is the fake wands George and Fred made!

Your dad must be proud .

Not really tons of research if you didn't check the local toy store. Me personally that's where I would began my research.

So present one of the wands and sell the other one back on eBay ? Or perhaps the seller accepts returns ? Or else just consider it the price of a lesson learned (do your research? ) Don't worry , stuff like that happens to all of us at one point or another ....

Contact the seller and explain that you realised you no longer have the funds for the item and you may repurchase at a later date. It's worked for me.