By juliearis - 06/07/2013 19:45 - United States - Westport

Today, my husband received the "antique" samurai sword that he bought on Craigslist with $399.99 of our money. He only shared my outrage at the waste of money when he opened the package, only to find a toy sword along with a note saying, "HAHA, TROLLED." FML
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ZombieInConverse 13

There are those assholes out there that pull that shit. Sorry OP.

Kozmotis 8

Try to sue him for false advertising.


ZombieInConverse 13

There are those assholes out there that pull that shit. Sorry OP.

I don't know who you are...I don't know what you want...but I will find you...and I will get my money back

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Taking what 60 said to another level, you can get them for fraud.

Been in the jury for multiple cases against fraud dealing with Craigslist and eBay deals. The prosecutors alway won...

hugozac88 22


I once thought that when someone posted "Xboxbox" that it was a typo. Nope it's just a box, they were kind enough to include the manual however

Not so bad... You can easily win in court and sue this guy.

Always use paypal for that! Refunds for fakes...

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omgitsmoe 26

Yeah people like you

rabidpeach 5

there are tutorials on craigslist that warn you about where to meet, how to exchange money etc. all right there on the CL site. but i guess sometimes you cant help stooopid.

Says the one that can't spell stupid.

Stooopid is as stupid does

Were you going to have Randy Jackson sign it?

Nah, I think getting Rick Astley to sign it would be more appropriate now.

CharresBarkrey 15

You're not gonna NOT get Randy Jackson's autograph.

photogodess 13

Oh man best comment EVER! Its randy Jackson. What are you gonna do not get his autograph?! Oh step brothers how I love you!!!

The dude who sent that is for you guys though, could have bought a t.v or something with that

Zimmington 21

or a gun

Kozmotis 8

There is a difference between being brave, and being a jerk.

assassinbanana0 20

I think jerk is an understatement.

Link5794 18

A real antique sword is not going to cost $400. It would be closer to $10,000, IIRC.

DWT 18

Your husband is an idiot. Sorry about that OP.

flockz 19

that OP doesn't have?

24, I would beat him with the toy sword, some of those toys can still hurt LOL, or I would get him fraud :p

The bruise I got an my arm from a nerf sword can attest to that. Sometimes you really should heed those warnings.

Kozmotis 8

Try to sue him for false advertising.

Zimmington 21

Why is it that so many peoples first thought is to sue?

bethers_ 22

In this case, it is a legitimate idea. The seller is a butthole.

Kozmotis 8

Because that's really the only option that they have. He cheated them out of hundreds of dollars. If there are no punishments this time around, he could go out and do the exact same thing to others.

Iknoweverything 29

Well #32, what would YOU recommend? I think in this case, suing is a perfectly acceptable first thought.

Sue for fraud. Penalties are higher for fraud than false advertising. Generally includes jail time :-)

iLike2Teabag 27

Suing is civil law. No jail sentences in civil law, 65

68 - Thank you for educating me :-)

Zimmington 21

But if this guy had to post a fake sword on craigslist I doubt he has anything to sue for. Unless he hasn't spent the money yet.

OP's husband paid for an antique samurai sword. They didn't get what they agreed to pay for. Judging by OP's husband's reaction, he had already paid and should have gotten the sword. The guy scammed them out of $400. Doesn't matter if it was on Craigslist or not, it's still grounds for a lawsuit.

rabidpeach 5

yea get youreslf a lawyer and pay court fees for $400 recovery i bet they dont even know his name to get the guy served. haha ydi for not understanding transactions.

Zimmington 21

108- You misunderstood what I was saying. Ofcourse OP has a valid case but I doubt the scammer has anything OP would want if the scammer already spent the money. And he would most likely still take a loss if it goes to court. 125- I agree with all accept the last sentence. Noone deserves to have this happen but he shouldn't have sent the money first. He can just chalk it up as lesson learned.

Excuse me. I'm a prince in Nigeria who has recently inherited a large sum of money. If you are able to lend me $400 to remove the money from bank, I would have access to millions of dollars which I would then share with you. Please reply promptly so we may both enjoy my fortune.

kewpiesuicide 29

#125 is right about the court fees. Sadly, it wouldn't even be worth pursuing in the end. Sorry OP :(

iLike2Teabag 27

Not necessarily. In small claims court, the fee is usually low (

MrBoredomioo 18

132, why is it always Nigeria?

Good luck claiming the money back. When you submit your claim, don't forget to add a message asking who the troll is now.

Kozmotis 8

When you buy something on Craigslist, you usually have to use email, text, or phone calls. All of these can be handed over to the authorities for identification.

Why would he think it would be okay to spend that kind of money without having seen the item first? Unless it's from a reputable auction house, you really shouldn't buy things online without having at least seen pictures or certificates of authenticity first and even then you should be cautious. Your husband is a moron.

The guy could've pulled any photo of a samurai sword off of Google.

Usually you can tell when it's a scam on Craigslist. It's pretty obvious . Usually the scammers are not from the US which you can't really trace or ever get your money back. That's why if you ever buy something from someone with broken English on Craigslist DON'T DO IT.

yes, because someone isn't American, they must be a scammer. Better watch out for those Brits and Canadians...

sexyboi1985 27

Sorry, I am not in US, but there must b an authority you guys can contact ! That's a rip off, feel sorry for u guys !