By The Seamstress - 20/05/2017 11:00 - United States - Irving

Today, while sewing, I learned that I cannot hold pins in my mouth and chew gum at the same time. FML
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That's not an FML - that's a Darwin award in the making.


Oh, I can still odd with the best of them but after reading this FML I can, sadly, no longer even.

cheshireau 26

Do you chew on pins or try to hold up a hem with gum?

That's not an FML - that's a Darwin award in the making.

What about walking? Can you walk and hold pins at the same time?

WeirdUS 29

What about sharp pointing things in your mouth while chewing ever sounded like a good idea? Darwin award or episode for 1000 ways to die in the making.

Gwengreen 6

Guess common sense isn't common...

OP here. I can't believe this got published! I quit smoking awhile ago and chew Nicorette. I had gotten into the habit of pinning seams and holding the pins in between my lips as they are easier to grab. I kind of forgot about that when chewing the gum, hence a 'sticky' mess to toss away without injury thankfully. *sigh*

Please don't hold pins in your mouth when you sew! They're surprisingly easy to inhale if you unexpectedly sneeze or something, especially if they have small heads – you may not even realise you've done it if you're distracted or concentrating on something else – and they can cause serious damage once they're inside, AND they can be extremely difficult to retrieve even if they don't do any harm. Pin cushions that strap to your wrist are super helpful for keeping them easily accessible.