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Today, I’m a babysitter for a 4 year-old little girl. All afternoon, I attended Barbie’s murder and subsequent funeral. FML
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You might want to have a talk with the parents...

The game of thrones generation is upon us


You might want to have a talk with the parents...

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Now THAT'S a term that needs to be used more widely -- "You old shit stick"! Fukkin classic!

Children are rough on toys. But at that age, experimentation with violence and death is part of healthy development since now is when they normally have their first experience with trying to understand death (usually due to an elderly family member or pet dying). It's actually a really good sign she is using an inanimate object to help her understand those concepts.

Letting the parents know that they're trying to "figure things out" wouldn't be a bad thing. Especially if they overheard something they shouldn't have and it's part of the job of being a parent to help you kids through things like that.

You're an accomplice! Try to get her autograph before she becomes a world-class serial killer. By the time she graduates to humans, you won't be able to get one then.

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Surprisingly, this is actually a good idea

I'd want to say that's not that bad, if she was older. At the age of 4 it's pretty odd for her to act something out like this. That said, it still doesn't mean something is wrong with her. I remember myself acting out some gruesome stories with my toys and I'm fine when I was around that age. It might just be wise to notify the parents.

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You remember your thought process when you were 4? Wow, weren't you a precocious little child. Sorry, but at age 4, most don't know about the concept of death yet. I don't know, maybe I'm the strange one, but who honestly remembers the stories you come up with when you're 4? Maybe 6 years old, but 4 sounds skeptical. It's understandable to remember certain important events, but trivial things like the content of your spontaneous games, I just have a hard time believing. I don't consider banging things around as "murdering" since nearly all kids do that.

I don't think you should assume that everyone is like you. Some people remember a lot from their early years whilst some do not. And actually 4 is quite the average age to start asking about death, from what I've read and experienced.

I have a 4 year old daughter. She hasn't started staging the murders of her toys yet but she does ask a lot of questions about death. It all depends on what the child has been exposed to in real life and through tv. Some parents will watch their tv shows while their kids are in the same room, thinking they aren't paying attention (they're ALWAYS paying attention). She could have picked up some ideas that way. I also remember some games I played when I was 4. It really isn't too young to remember inconsequential things.

#17 Did I take a shit in your breakfast or something? Way to be hostile. Anyway, not everyone's memory is the same. I don't remember a lot from my early childhood, no, but a few things are very clear. You think that means I remember the "Thought process of a four year old"? No ofcourse I do not remember the entire thought process, because that's overreacting to say to someone who remembers some stories. I also don't remember the fine details of the stories, but it was more than just "banging things around". Probably caused by something I had seen on tv. Your whole comment is made up by assuming things.

I have 4 kids, trust me, asking about death and acting out things like this at that age is normal.

I acted out Stockholm syndrome at the age of 6 (very fitting since it's my home town...) I turned out fine and I think she will be too.

I don't know your current age, but it is very possible you saw the actual hostage situation that the syndrome is named after on TV, or heard adults talk about it. After all, it did happen in your home town and I'm pretty sure it was all over the news there for quite a while. But yeah, interest in death, ways of dying, rites associated with death etc are a pretty normal thing to talk/act about at that age. Kids enter the "magical phase" at around 3-4, it's when they start "seeing" ghosts and monsters and fairies and witches and such, and, accordingly, realize that they are capable of dying, that their loved ones might die. Dealing with strong emotions and fears through role play is a healthy thing to do. The girl will be fine.

I don't know, it doesn't seem that out of the ordinary for me. I used to be pretty macabre when I was tiny, and I know a lot of other kids that were, too. It might be odd, but I don't think it's anything too disturbing!

Why would I need something that doesn't exist?

#32 You ****** up. God may not exist, but Jesus did indeed exist, and we have strong evidence. He didn't carry his cross, he was just hammered to an olive tree like most other people. He didn't walk on water etc. but he did exist, and he did spread new religious ideas, and he was executed for it.

34, he did indeed exist. Then they executed him for inventing a cult, and now he doesn't exist anymore, because by now even his bones have probably disintegrated into dust. The only thing about him that still exists is his cult. Which, thinking about it, is pretty ironic. If they had just let him live for another 15-20 years until he died a natural death, nobody would even know his name now.

This sounds like a lot more fun than regular babysitting!