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Today, I found out that my parents changed the code on our alarm system while they were out of town. The police could not verify I was their son, despite spending hours trying to get hold of them. They thought it was just another telemarketer. FML
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  SApprentice  |  33

It could have been an honest mistake, but it doesn't read like it to me. If OP is still underage, which I'm assuming here since they live at home, then his/her parents should be more concerned. Parents shouldn't just go out of town and then ignore eight hours worth of phone calls. That's a lot of time, and lot of calling. They should be more concerned than that, because something could be wrong. Forgetting to update OP on the change in passcode is forgivable, but not ignoring the calls. It seems very dismissive of them, at least to me.

  capper44  |  18

#17 it doesn't says anywhere that Op lives with them 24/7.... It could be he came to visit his parents and they went out somewhere on a trip and didn't need to tell password to Op then. & about 8 hr phone calls, donno about anyone else but my family don't receive any business calls on family time as well, even if its for week or two. -_-

  patacus  |  14

25, op did say "our" alarm system. suggesting that he is in some way connected to the ownership of it. if he was "just visiting", he probably would of said "their" alarm system. besides, why would he "just visit" when they were out of town?

  LevyLove  |  17

I believe the OP is saying that the parents never picked up any of the calls during those 8 hours because they thought it was just a telemarketer phone raping them. I was really confused at first too.

  Soloman212  |  28

43, his points are still valid, as the proper protocol for avoiding telemarketer calls is to never charge your phone in the first place. Preemptive strike!