By AmericanAlien - 09/03/2014 02:15 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I've been waiting for a very important document in the mail. It has been two months. I reviewed my application and realized I forgot to put a mailing address down. FML
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That's why you go all psycho ocd on important stuff and check it 100 times.

Checking 100 times is a bit excessive. 99 times should suffice.


yourlifesucksHA 14


You just couldn't hold it in, could you?

You get the coveted first comment spot and all you say is Lol!!! For Shame!!!

That's why you go all psycho ocd on important stuff and check it 100 times.

Checking 100 times is a bit excessive. 99 times should suffice.

But 99 isn't a big round number!

#33 may I suggest 88. It's round, symmetrical in all ways, and is divisible by all single digit even numbers.

ThomasBombadil 31

Hate it when that happens. Mistakes are part of being human. Better luck next time OP.

Serious FYL next time make sure to double check like crazy!

yourlifesucksHA 14

Lol he might after that!

That really sucks, but wouldn't the time for double checking be before you send in the important document?

Yes it would be. However, OP did not. After two months of waiting, I'm sure OP won't make the same mistake.

So are you going postal?

He's going all out UPS in this...

Woah this is a serious issue we need to address, let's stamp out these puns!

Regardless of the weight of this issue, I feel like I should be able to Express myself!

Always check twice Better safe than sorry.

Those details should have been addressed...

If it's so important then why did you forget??

I forgot to finish my candy one time , does that mean candy isn't important? ;)

Well you're already fitting in with the American way of life, a life full of derp moments.

Ironic that you say this, since it's an FML about the consequences of not double checking things. OP is from Canada.

I've seen Canadian publications use the term "American" when referring to Canadians. Not incorrect since they are on the North American continent too.

I don't know about you, but if I was Canadian, I'd be super pissed if someone called me American, knowing that I was Canadian. I'd be like, "Canada, bitch!" *slap*

Although, OP's name is American Alien, so I'm guessing that OP is an American in Canada, waiting on an important document that has something to with him residing in a country as a foreign national.

Wouldn't you immediately apologize after the "Canada, bitch!"?

25 - So is Mexico, but you don't call Mexicans Americans.

No. I'd be the rebel Canadian. Slappin' people, jay wakin', and putting recyclables in non-recyclable garbage. Yep, that'd be me. The bad ass rebel Canadian, livin' the bad ass rebel Canadian life.