By blegh - 01/04/2011 02:42 - United States

Today, I fell going down the stairs to the subway platform during rush hour. Someone was kind enough to help me up and someone else was kind enough to steal my iPhone which had fallen out of my pocket and landed nearby. FML
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mintcar 9

FYL, I don't know what I would do if I lost my iPhone. Look on the bright side OP, at least I still have mine.


canadianbarbie96 0

I think the person who helped you and the person who stole the phone, are one in the same.

o that was your phone op ? sorry. meet me back on the platform tomorrow n I will return it. ps: bring $200 let's trade :-)

Your mom goddamit! now my advice is to get a car.

noobgang7 5

YDI for wearing skinny jeans. If you wore something not skin tight maybe you could fit your iPhone in you pocket without it slipping out. Oh, and your legs wouldn't have fallen asleep, therefore allowing you to avoid this sort of situation.

I always keep my phone and iPod in a crevice in my bag that u cant get to w/o me knowing and it can't fall out either but that sucks for u OP

stuff like this makes you loose hope for humanity.....

mintcar 9

FYL, I don't know what I would do if I lost my iPhone. Look on the bright side OP, at least I still have mine.

Who wouldn't steal an iPhone for this FML app, FTW!!!

FML iPod app is the best!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡¡

flickyourbic1223 7

WHAT! I still have mine too! damn. whatta coincidence.

Yeah good thing you still have your iPhone, cause with a face like yours and the "bizzy little snatch" comment you made the iPhone is your only friend. Karma is a bitch, and you will get to watch yourself drop yours in a toilet you just took a dump in, FYL!

79DrAwkwArD97 0

There is a program called MobileMe that can locate your stolen iPhone, if people aren't retarded and don't activate it...

Nashie 0

Or you could chase him then push him in front of a train. Now that's a well thought plan!

52 I absolutely love your hair. it's the best thing since apple pie :O

At least you don't have to pay to repair the broken screen which would have cost $200. Now you can buy an android.

No that's a last resort. IMO, so now if you spam me with "Antr0id r bettah!!!!" I won't care cus its MY opinion :)

could we avoid the"android versus iphone" fight please...

fine but we all know the iPod is better

mintcar 9

iPhone is better. Yeah, I completely went there. Yep...

mintcar. as much as i agree with you and as much as i love trollin', please dearest lord. don't go to the iPhone v. android battle. iphoneisbetter. :)

Androids suck. My friend has one and he hates it.

I have an iPhone and they're only good if you have the newest one :( The new OS ruined my 3GS. it's all slow and stuff now :(

They were probably working together. The person helping you up was probably a distraction.

FMLjunkie1k 0
muchagente 5

nobody ever needs an iphone. take the hint of faith and buy a decent phone.

mintcar 9

iPhone's pretty decent to me. Don't hate brah.

lol, I agree, the phone part is kinda useless but and iPod itself is much better

muchagente 5

i'm pretty sure it was a hint of faith... or was it fate? definitely not buffy. english is tough sometimes.

its all personal opinion. I could say I use a brick as a phone and like it better than an iPhone or android. that would be my personal opinion and you can't argue with that. although it would make me a dumbass.

enonymous 8

I am posting from your phone... you had rebecca black all over this phone justice dictates that I seize possession until you can stop the needless abuse of your iPhone.