By Pancakegirl - 18/06/2009 00:24 - United States

Today, I was hanging out with a friend at IHOP. When I left, a middle aged man in the parking lot offered me $100 to sleep with him in the dumpsters behind the building. That is the first time I've been hit on in months. FML
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Well, damn, if he thought she was worth $100, this shouldn't be an FML! But since she was too busy bitching that she never gets hit on, I doubt she did anything for the poor guy.

haha, that's what i want to know. (hopefully NO)

I agree, there should be a required comment from the poster of FML's, lol

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Uh, hopefully yes AFTER he buys you dinner in addition to the $100. To create more drama, get his name and after call the cops on him for soliciting you. :)

Hahaha... thats what I wondered when I read this FML.

Haha i smell an episode of family guy in the making

you should have felt him up and loudly commented on the shameful excuse for balls that guy was packing

1. You can hang out with friends at IHOP now? Nice 2. You totally did it Op

Wonder if OP considered the fact that he might have just thought she looked like a hooker

Lol. Dude couldnt afford to take you to a motel?

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he probably figured by spending like $50 for a motel, she wouldn't have sex for only $50. not that she did it for $100 but he doubled his chances ;)

but the smell of rotting milk is so romantic! who needs a motel?

lmao dress up a little better, start hitting the gym, and get some opinions on your looks and how to improve them and you'll probably get hit on more

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EWW. What a doucher. I'm sorry. That's really gross.

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thats what you get for hanging out in ihop

THATS GROSS, CREEPY, but still funny, lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahahaha.. Sorry, that made my day, omg, thats hilarious xD

You should have told been like "Sure. But Make sure you read my warning label. One visit with me will result in many visits to the clinic for you, and being the gentleman I know you are, you a liable for a months worth of my treatments." And what about your friend? I guess the man isnt imaginative for threesomes?

Today I asked a girl to have sex with me behind the IHOP. Turns out I didn't have a condom but I told her I did. I now have chlymidia. FML.