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Today, I finally had a date, my first one in well over a year. Everything was going good, until my date asked, "Do you like cats or dogs better?" When I responded cats, my date promptly got up and left, saying, "This isn't meant to be." FML
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I guess being a crazy cat lady is in your future.

That was immature. I'm a cat person too, but I wouldn't instantly hate someone just because he liked dogs more.



I guess being a crazy cat lady is in your future.

I don't have any comment on this really... But if he is strong about this topic then I guess it's okay. Maybe he's allergic? This definitely needs a follow up

How do you know the OP isn't a guy that prefurs cats? Both my guy and I prefer cats... only because they're easier to own due to our busy lifestyle. We love all animals! Dogs (though great) are more demanding and need walks and plenty of playtime. It wouldn't be fair to own one that doesn't get the attention they deserve.

Off topic-- while speaking about cats and dogs. Someone once gave me this odd analogy of why guys get caught cheating more than women do. He stated: Girls are like cats, they bury their shit, where as guys are like dogs and will shit right in front of you!

Crazy dog people >.

I like dogs better, but I like cats too, and I have cats because they're MUCH lower maintenance than dogs.

#42 i dont think this post is about cheating...

she never said it was about cheating, she just gave a fun analogy

Hence the "off topic" portion of the post.

ChristianH39 30

She DID say off topic

Not sure is OP's date was just looking for an excuse to leave, or really hates cats.... Who am I kidding we all know which one it was!

Maybe she's allergic to cats? Still a rather uncalled for action though,, rude.

OP's date might be onto something! It's all about love, this one. People who prefer cats are happy for the one they love to go do their own thing - look after themselves, maybe come in for a bit of food and petting but pretty independent. People who prefer dogs want someone to depend on them emotionally, want the kind of innocent adoration only a dog can give you (some people feel a bit smothered by that). If you want to shower someone in affection and like the mutual dependence thing, seeking a dog lover is probably not a bad start! Wow, long comment..

It's okay Op, cats rule! His loss if he prefers dogs.

I don't think the date cared much about OP's felines.

I think OP dodged a bullet!

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Ur comment is blocked cuz ppl hate cats

#41 Ladies and gentleman,we have found ourselves a ******** in the comments! Nice going,dipshit!

nlm92 15

63- Both are awesome, just sayin. OP don't need that kind of negativity in his/her life anyway! I prefer cats but OP's date is stuck up

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You do realize that it's a pun, right? Felines sounds close to feelings, not to terribly close but close enough in my opinion.

You said his loss if he prefers dogs so your being just as negative.

And most felines ignore you and only pay attention to you when the want food. If you get lucky, your cat is friendly and is out and about alot. Dogs will come check on you when you fall down and will be your best buddy all the time. I have had cats, and my neighbors have cats and i cant say that they are friendly

nlm92 15

145 cats temperaments depend heavily on how they were raised and trained. Small kids running around and loud noises create an anxious and apprehensive cat. Cats will come and sit on your lap, nuzzle and play fetch if you have a good relationship with them. Dogs are awesome too but there's the walking part, and they alwaysss want to play... I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a pet.

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You have got to be kitten me, cats are way better

Not if you are allargic

Yeah, OP's date was just being a bitch.

rikitsumiatsu 11

Does that make me a bitch for being allergic to cats?

70, that's not even close to what 30 said. the date, who as far as we know made no mention of an allergy, was being a bitch because he walked out on someone because of something trivial.

Plus, my comment was supposed to be taken as punny since the issue was about DOGS (female dog = bitch). Oh well.

My mom loves her cats even though she is allergic. My friend is allergic too and he loves his cats, which is where we get our cats.

cjwayy 22

Looks like you got put in the doghouse.


That was immature. I'm a cat person too, but I wouldn't instantly hate someone just because he liked dogs more.

Spoken like a true cat person lol. No standards for companionship jk. But only kinda

What a dog thing to do. You shouldn't waste your time with someone so catty. Seriously, they sound like a "bitch". I'm sorry. I'll stop meow.


Just stop trying.

badluckalex 23

a for effort!

A "dog" thing to do? Oh god...

nlm92 15

I enjoyed them Stephanie... :/

i like how people down vote him but the people that say it was stupid also get downvoted. wut?

Sounds like a type of person who believes horoscopes too! (compatability and such)

Well that was very catty of him to dog you like that.

Wow, this post gets thumbed up while another post makes the same puns, albeit different wording, and gets down voted.

Tough crowd.

Because the other post does not have a hot chick saying them... It's called a double standard. Be hot and a woman, you only have to be half as funny, compared to a man , where he must be 2x as funny, to get the same likes.

I'm just throwing down life lessons today lol

You guys could've argued like cats and dogs in the future.