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Today, after finals, my English professor left me less than one percent from an A. Why? All semester long, he took away points because my opinions did not match his. FML
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HI! I appreciate sympathy. I wasn't expecting it, but it makes me feel a bit better. Thank you. XD It is (was) a college level English course (the last one I had to take for my GE requirements). I really did try hard in that class. I would ask him very specific questions and he would provide vague answers. His opinion on the material was never explicitly clear (considering every assignment we did was based upon a different work or subject). I'm not displeased about getting a B, it's just frustrating to be left so close to the next grade!

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Damn, that's the most retarded reason I've ever heard for docking marks. FYL.


Damn, that's the most retarded reason I've ever heard for docking marks. FYL.

People need to stop using the word 'retarded' as an insult. It's rude and disrespectful.

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#14, #1 wasn't disrespecting the mentally handicapped in any way, shape or form. #1 was just describing how stupid the teacher is being for docking points for something stupid. Get over it.

when in doubt agree with the teacher...jk he's a jerk and must've felt like he was losing if he docked points

People need to stop saying merry Christmas and start saying happy holidays! It's rude and disrespectful! No, I'm kidding.

You shouldn't be so quick to judge. while I was still in school, I ran an engineering lab. I had a student complain to the professor that gave him a bad grade because his opinions are wrong. He write a control algorithm incorrectly. he chose a sampling time out of the scope of the hardware and the lack of functionality of his control law on the hardware. I docked his points and he said that that was my opinion that his sample time was too fast. when I applied my control law to the hardware, the hardware worked fine. when I had a chat with him and the professor, the professor called him an idiot for not knowing how control laws worked. what's the point of this story? some people interchange opinion and fact. that's just my opinion.

Its actually pretty common. I, a nice catholic school boy, had to write an opinion paper on abortion for my religion class. I wrote pro choice, and I got a zero for "having the wrong opinion".

Sounds very similar to how GLAAD operated towards Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty

#22 That's ridiculous. If you can call any stupid person retarded, then it no longer can be classified a disease. If I yelled, "EW, YOU MUST HAVE TB" every time someone coughed, it would be the same situation, but you wouldn't think that that is logical, would you?

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Since when is retardation a disease? A disability, maybe, but how the hell can you compare it to TB? Do you think it's contagious or something?

Trust me #97... You hang around FML long enough... You'll see how contagious retardation can be.

I'm not sure how far that will go. Yeah, it's messed up, but every teacher, professor, and TA I've ever had in an English (or other subjectively graded department) has always graded like this. You kind of learn to just live with it after a while. What's the worst that can happen, you write something that agrees with your teachers opinion and not yours, and you get the good grade. Not the end of the world

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26, not the end of the world? I'm assuming OP is in college. How about you pay the thousands of dollars needed to get an education? The professor must have a big ego for thinking his opinions are the right ones. They're called opinions for a reason. Nobody should live a life where they feel one way but have to act another because one person or many feel it isn't the correct opinion.

Actually I am, thanks... but regardless, I've been dealing with the same sort of problem OP is since early high school. Disagreed with my teachers view on the death penalty in a paper and got a C- -. Yes, a C minus minus. Didn't even know that was a possible grade. But 70 is the lowest grade I can get if I still did the assignment. The way I see it, just get in, get out. Pick and choose your battles, and win the war. I'd rather get out with my degree and know how to handle situations like that, not waste my time on people to egotistical to recognize other opinions. No student I've seen has taken on the English (or other similar) department's subjective grading and won, anyway. I wouldn't want to waste my time on those people

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If OP would report him to Microsoft, Bill Gates would shoot his moon laser at him! OP would have secured the teachers death sentence then. Bill Gates doesn't **** around. Haven't you watched South Park recently?

It's unfortunate that you have had teachers and professors like that. In high school, a teacher did tell me that if I wrote my gun control essay (a topic she choose) with a pro-gun undertone, I wouldn't pass her class. In college, that seemed to stop. I flat out disagreed with a philosophy professor and debated her in class, she gladly gave me the A because I thought for myself.

Unfortunately that is life. People are unfair and you get screwed. fyl

To be fair, when assigned a topic on a writing assignment you are supposed to be able to be open minded and keep to the topic. In a debate class people defend topics even if they don't agree with them. Point is that the abstraction is part of the assignment, and looking from another's perspective is a different beast than arguing your own.

Wow, some teachers will find any reason to take points off...

I hate when professors take off points for the little things that aren't that serious

Well then just study a little more so he can't get your grade below an A!!

Well it's after finals, so he's probably lost his chances :(

#5 he would have gotten an A. I believe he studies enough right now, his teacher just needs to except others opinions.

that 'except' caught me off-guard after you got 'would have' right.

I'll have you know that I studied my ass off!

Ignore that idiot OP obviously you studied hard and earned that A your professor is a dick and de should report him for that because its unprofessional and teachers are supposed to teach kids to be more openminded not less

Not to be negative, but once you graduate, nobody is ever gonna notice that you got a B instead of an A. Congrats on having good grades!

It can make a huge difference on whether or not you get into a quality medical or law school. Or a good graduate program. They're pretty competitive, you know.

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that's true, it won't make a difference, but I know I'd be upset if I didn't get the grade I deserved.

When trying to get into a good University, yes it will matter. Not necessarily individually, but in terms of GPA.

I think he meant once you graduate from college it doesn't matter. It really doesn't. Are you transferring?

I'm transferring AND my major is impacted at both Universities to which I applied.

Sounds like your professor could be a commenter on FML.

Your professor is stupid. That is the most dumbest reason I have ever heard.

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I know. The prof needs a more better reason to dock points than that

#9 if he docked points from you it was due to bad grammar

Isn't that par for the course in any English class?

My teacher used to take off points because they didn't like me. Having a bad teacher sucks report then to the school board!