Bon voyage!

By greaaaatt. - 25/07/2010 05:45 - United States

Today, I found out that I get to spend the next two weeks at my grandparents' house, which smells like cat litter, while the rest of my family takes a cruise through the Caribbean. They can't afford to take a ninth person. FML
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if i were you, i would say, "why cant you guys wait until you bring up enough money to take the WHOLE family, instead of leaving family memebers out?"

They must really hate you lol.


They must really hate you lol.

zach55 0

they don't want to take you lol

ellielovesyuh 0

wow. I'd hate my family forever if they did that to me. fyl indeed. :/

Buchitoo 4

lmao. agree they really don't like you. They could think of 8 other ppl to take but you. Sucks for you!!!

wow thats a ****** up family...

they couldn't gave just waited a while to get enough cash for you to go?

pay for it yourself?

1. Wait for them to come home. 2. Wait until all of them are asleep. 3. Get hammer. 4. Use the hammer to bash their heads in. 5. ????? 6. Profit.

sports_chika 0

I would have gone as a stowaway!

Typical famjam.

JCo352 3

Just act like a little kid, use your imagination, and pretend you're on a cruise.

PunisherE1ite 0

just overdose or something. that will teach them

ImsoMikhail 0

24 that's the most retarded idea ever, if op does that then she's gonna go crazy, and end up as a mental patient. ( but in the other hand, that'll teach her parents)

eihtballplaya_fml 4

Granny's all like. Today my bitch of a grandson comes to visit for 2 weeks because noone in the family likes him. All he does is complain. On top of that he smells like shit, has a meth problem and he pisses the bed so I have to spread cat litter to cover the smell of his stanking ass. FML

I bet they wrre deciding who had to stay or whatever, and you half heartidly offered tp stay home. And now your complaining but really its your fault. I dont know thats just my guess what happened. if not then im sorry your family hates you :/ haha

JCo352 3

36 Yeah, that's definitely the most likely outcome.

hav partys and ge laid. u deserve it

out of all the places..your grandparents house..

twinny_sc 13

Put cat litter in all their beds as a welcome home present?

xMaNNiNGx119 0

i'm calling fake on this.

yep, sucks, but you must be a whiny, moody, pain in the ass, and they don't want you ruining everyone else's vacation....

your fake and gay so TDI

pinned2paint 0

this is fake...

plan your own trip . Eff the cats life!

are you the chubby guy that was married to kate plus 8 ? they can afford it.

Dude.. That girl that you are with in your profile picture looks just like me from a side angle..

Now you can get some grandmas cookies

zach55 0

grandmas cookies you ******! yeah I no I said it the last time ******* deal with it ******* bitch.

JCo352 3

^^^^ Know*

zach, do you need a hug? Or some Adderal?

33! I finally get your name!

zach55 0

as a matter of fact I'll take the hug and the cookies :D

imababeee 0

unlucky ! damn those bitches

I waz going to go with unloved but that works 2

torrlynn37 0

You must be a real bitchhh for them to hate that much, haha. and when your on a cruise, they don't even have to see you for a week. hahahahhaa

Dflips 0

Your a bitch...100%

sucks, op. fyl

they might deserve it. but yeah, runaway.

if i were you, i would say, "why cant you guys wait until you bring up enough money to take the WHOLE family, instead of leaving family memebers out?"

icecream777 0

sucks for u

sports_chic 6

that sucks!

FFML_314 11

You know they're out of town. I'm sensing a triple kegger. ;P

waterynuggets 0

I am intrigued by the number of FMLs that read just like this. Your families must suck in a special way.

Dflips 0

Yeh Ike there are so many parents I mean I don't have it MADD trust me but that's just wrong