By Anonymous - / Saturday 30 April 2016 06:20 / Australia
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By  Comments_Galore  |  16

I'd say that there isn't much chance 'pacifying' someone who is beyond the point of reason. As for your coworkers, they're just a stepping stool. Ignore the nonsense they dish out. Because one day, they could be working for you. And you have the power. Best of luck with future endeavours.

By  Weasel104  |  8

I really hope your boss is okay! Don't listen to your coworkers. You are not the reason he had a heart attack. A number of reasons could of caused this to happen, and your coworkers are just looking to blame someone for their emotions. You will get through this and I am sure the boss won't be happy once he recovers and hears what they have said to you. I really do hope he is okay, and I hope you are okay as well for seeing this happen in front of you. I'm sure it was all around a scary situation and you would think your coworkers would be more supportive and not so heartless in a sad event of circumstances.

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