By nice guys finish last - 20/08/2013 04:01 - United States - Smyrna

Today, a kid in class dropped his paper on the floor. I held on to my desk with one hand and reached for the paper with my other hand. I lost balance and tilted both my chair and desk over, nailing the floor as everything on my desk hit the ground with me. He picked the paper up himself. FML
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I'd definitely tableflip at that kind of ungratefulness.


Almost happened to me once. Then again, I've also seen an old desk collapse with screws flying everywhere

Don't be so risky op. you might regret it. Well, you just did.

Ouch...I hope he at least said thank you :P

I'd definitely tableflip at that kind of ungratefulness.

GetSomeM0 24

How is he ungrateful? he didn't ask op to get it.

He was ungrateful because I needed a reason to use my pun. :P

At least you tried to be a good samaritan! Hopefully he'll appreciate the gesture.

triplebeerox 27

At least you tried to be nice. Your parents taught you right :-)

He probably appreciated your kindness anyway! :)

kmm316 9

I feel like this has happened to everyone at one time. Hope you didn't seriously injure yourself and were able to just shake it off OP! :)

Is your name Moe, Larry, or Curly? Because this is some of the finest slap-stick comedy I think I've ever encountered. Bravo to you, sir.

momma always said: don't lean in your chair