By anon - Canada - Lethbridge
Today, I went to 7-11, where the cashier asked me if I had the app to get rewards. She then looked at me and said, "Never mind, I can tell you don't." I guess I have no control over my resting bitch face. FML
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By  goodread2200  |  10

I know what you mean - I have RBF too. It does help to make an effort to smile sometimes and see the difference it causes to those you come across. Years of teaching little kids (they respond really well to smiling) and in customer service has given me plenty of evidence.

By  Mama4ddk  |  15

I'm sorry, but at least you are not alone, you are in good company, many of us have constant RBF. Mind Over Matter, you don't mind because they don't matter. I hope the rest of your day is good.

By  saxaddict122  |  14

It does suck if EVERYONE thinks you have a resting bitch face, but I've gotta say that if it keeps clerks at stores from harassing you about rewards programs every time you're trying to buy something then there's a serious silver lining to this one. Nobody needs a membership card to every goddamn store.


I can't see the location on this FML, so maybe it varies by the area, but it isn't necessarily spelt 7/11. The way the store itself actually spells it's name is 7-Eleven. So 7-11 would be correct to use as the shortened version, since the store uses the dash in their actual name.