By Carmen - United States
Today, I painted an area I had carefully sanded, cleaned, and taped off. I pulled a fan out of the closet to help dry it faster. I turned the fan on, and a million dust particles flew off onto the wet paint. FML
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  that_is_Nathy  |  9

i would. Ever cleaned a fan from the inside? No? See. Found teh point. Plus, I wouldn't try to make it dry faster, I'd right away buy the right paint. Or be patient enough to wait, because wrong drying can fuck this thing up in so many ways. I don't think waiting is that horrible, since a whole room last year took about an hour to dry. That's not too much

  randiZ25  |  0

Unless you have many coats to apply and only a short amount of time. Actually using a fan would be the smarter thing to do, shortens the time thus less time for accidents to happen..

OP YDI~I don't usually YDI unless a married husband gets caught, ect. You can see the dust and mess build up on the bank of a fan..