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Today, a guy I went on one date with asked me out again via text. Being honest, I texted back, politely saying that he was a good guy but I wasn't really interested. He came over to my house, screaming about how awful I was for "text message breaking up with him" and then cracked my windshield. FML
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He may have a majority complex or something.. Or have been hurt too much so that he turned unstable, the good news is that he damaged the car and not you though

I disagree with 48. Don't get any more involved with this guy. Pay to fix the windshield yourself, and then enjoy your life knowing you will probably never see the psycho again.

55 - Or make the psychopath pay hundreds of dollars for a new windshield, then get a restraining order.

56, he may not be a psychopath though, just mentally unstable

59 - Good point. Lets just leave it at this; stay the hell away from him.

So it's okay for him to ask her out over text, but not for her to decline over text. Wait I guess that's a pretty good strategy. She can't say no.

I agree with 56, new windshields are pretty expensive, and the restraining order will give you some Peace of Mind (Holla at ya Boston!) I mean, it would suck if he made a habit of showing up and breaking things of yours :/

Did we just discover a new meme? Overly attached boyfriend?

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What did the car ever do to him? Poor thing.

Dude needs to chill, and pay for that windshield!

Techinically it's vandalism, kind of like slashing someone's tires. So if he doesn't pay for the windshield, she should go to the police too.

Obviously it broke up with him through email! He'll be coming for OP next! OP just thought the two were related. She never dreamed her car would be such a heartbreaker.

Some guys do crack when rejected. Happened to me a couple of times in life. This is why I now ignore messages and let the guy wonder. It's better then potentially getting screamed at or worse. I guess it depends on the guy. OP should be very careful. He could end up stalking her.

So you're a bitch because he *might* be a bastard. Aren't you just a lovely person?

36 i wish i could add your comment to my favorites

No I'm usually not a bitch but after dealing with a few psycho men it kind brings it out in me. Better safe then sorry.

Or just be honest and don't do stupid womanly mind-games.

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64, seriously, do women like you still exist? My town seems fresh out.

Also 42, learn the difference between "then" and "than" please. I'm not trying to be an asshole here but it is really quite useful to understand their definitions.

64- Of course I'd rather not resort to these games but with SOME men I have no choice. You might understand once you get out of your teens and have just a little more life experience.

82 - We're quite common! You just have to look for the ones who want a mutually respective relationship, and don't "leave them wondering".

And 84, I do realize I may not be as old as you, but I know ignoring men and confusing them isn't right. If that's what you do in a relationship, you shouldn't be in one.

86- I'm not talking about being in a relationship. Is that what you thought? This FML is about a first date. That's what I was talking about.

I'm simply referring to the fact that you ignore texts and leave them wondering, that's all.

She does that so the guys wouldn't go crazy on her. I know I would, has happened to me before and make me seem like the bad guy there when I'm not even interested in the first place.

@85 Look at my face. Do I look like I'd keep a lady wondering? Also, leaving people wondering isn't cool at all. I've never really understood why we do stuff like that to each other.

Look I'm just saying I have had bad experiences with psycho men and I don't want to anymore. Unfortunately, this has been the only solution that seems to work. Men blow women off all the time, we can do the same if necessary. Signing off on this thread. Thank you.

Unfortunately it's situations like these that suck, because when you do find a bad situation it can cause a person to change their methods. and it can hurt someone else in the future. In short, psychos stop being psycho and no more mind games?

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She should text him and tell him how she feels.

Just think what this guy would have done if you had dated him. What a wingnut.

Go break his windshield. Then get a restraining order.

yes to the restraining order. no to the windshield

Yea that's brilliant, go show him you're no better than he is. If the guy would have played his cards right, OP may have wondered if she made a mistake in brushing him off. The way he handled it just proves to her she did the right thing.

Wow. Good call not pursuing the relationship. Probably would have been much worse if you broke up further into it.

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Wow - consider it a close call. Imagine what he'd do to someone who broke up with him after 3 dates. Or 10. What a nut.

If you've only been on one date with him, you shouldn't have let him know where you live. And this is exactly why.

She might have known him before he asked her out, like from work or school or something. It'd be nice to think you can trust someone you've known for a while, but you really can't, because often people aren't what they seem. I doubt OP would have gone on even one date with him if she had any inkling of how crazy he was beforehand.

So she shouldn't have let him pick her up for a date? I was under the impression that's usually an acceptable thing to have happen.

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I hope you filed a police report; I would have cracked something of his that's for sure. Truly unbelievable some people. I'm sorry...