By ohIlike - Australia
Today, after thirteen years of engagement, my fiancé and I split. As is, with the day, we changed our facebook relationships to make it official. I logged back on tonight to find his mother, the woman I've spent the last year looking after and having a good time, 'liking' the break up. FML
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  CDS09  |  0

thats what I was thinking....what would be the purpose of that? did you get engaged at 16 and you are waiting for him to get established and he still wasnt at 29? I feel sorry for you, this sucks, but didnt you at some point realize he was not serious about it when you were engaged for 13 years?


You know some people get engaged but decide to not get married because it's too expensive or they dont want to go through the hassle of a wedding or other things but decide to be more than bf and gf but dont want to go through marrige. Jeeze, everyone shouldnt be all why arn't you married!!!

  shaBAMalex  |  0

Even if she was taking the son's side, it's still really rude to do something like that.. taking someone's side doesn't mean you have to like that she's upset.

  tyhillman  |  0

I agree with #2, it's not like she should like the OP's status. She's not gonna say "My son was a dead weight anyway, you don't need him."

  jwp0211  |  17

When did a like turn into life or death? Seriously, since there's not many buttons, a like could mean anything from "I'm sorry" to "Dude that's awesome"

By  plutosaplanet  |  0

i wouldnt look too far into this. ive seen people "like" people commenting on having colds, being sad a celebrity died, having to work double shifts, etc. people abuse the "like" button like its the only button out there.

  Pointy130  |  0

I agree, in the same way that people abuse the "You deserved it" button on FML.

//btw, thinking that posting something to facebook makes it official is a pretty stupid philosophy in general.

  NDouglas  |  0

I agree -- Shit or get off the pot.

Unless you're waiting to graduate from school (And even then -- Why the heck get engaged before graduation?), you stay engaged long enough to plan the wedding and get your house in order.

His mother is probably just happy that now her son has a reasonable chance of getting married before she dies. After a few years, it was probably clear to her that even if the OP was a great gal, there was no marriage in the future.

  EMTchic  |  14

Sometimes you have to have a longer engagement (although, I agree, 13 years is far too long)

For instance, me and my fiancé have set the date for our wedding and it is in two years, because we are waiting for me to graduate . We are, however, using this extra time to our advantage . Finding a place to live and such .

By  tarpack1984  |  0

well, depending on the circumstances of your breakup, she could like the breakup. who really cares what his mom thinks about anyway? you and your bf broke up, it's not like you are going to be spending anymore quality time with her.