By Bruised - Canada
Today, a drunk truck driver taught me a very valuable lesson: Never tie your shoelaces in the middle of a parking lot. FML
Perpexel tells us more :
Holy crap! you guys came up with crazy ideas. The truck driver drove VERY close to me to scare me and then he honked his horn which made me jump and smack into the side of the truck. i was NOT raped or hit by the truck. hope that clears up some things
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

The OP's name is bruised so she either got hit or maybe hurt herself diving out of the way.

And here I was thinking he pulled over and gave a slide show about the dangers of parking lot shoe adjustments.

  Jrook  |  0

I thought it implied she was sexually assaulted, at the same time it could be struck by a truck.

now that I think of it I think getting hit is more likely... unless the op bends at the waist to tie shoes. and in that case the idiot op should know better, you don't do that in a parking lot you idiot! your lucky nothing else ran over you.

  Lov3r  |  0

i think she was walking through the parking lot either to get to her car or get somewhere else like a sidewalk/store/ or bus stop and she stopped to tie her shoes and suddenly a drunk truck driver and ran over her or almost did / fell on her / tried to rape her like you say... but maybe he just fell on her making her fall and bruising herself ? but she should have explained what happened...

  AnonymousGalifrey  |  1


  ReyEr9412  |  0

Seriously stop it with the kitchen/sammich jokes. They were funny once, but that time has passed. If you stop making them for awhile and then start after everyone has forgotten about them, they will be funny again.

  ladiesman14  |  0

you gotta be real careful reversing in a walmart parking lot at night. its real hard to see certain people. plus they walk right behind your car hoping to get money in a lawsuit.