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By  grgnyce  |  8

...and I bet said coworker has his/her MBA...sorry OP, but stupidly is everywhere!!

  cdawg69  |  10

Dont dog on someone with an MBA, it takes hard work and dedication. Have you ever taken the Graduate Management Exam? Open up a book and dont stereotype

By  Rizzen  |  27

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  mrfuzzywiggles  |  11

#4 is right. This guy went through all that time to write reports once a week for a year, but was too ignorant to find out what to properly do with it after he was finished. YDI for sure

  Headcrab  |  29

not important? The question implies that nobody ever even bothered looking at these reports, which means OP has been writing 50+ (over a year, weekly) reports for Jack sh*t. That's 2 months of writing. For nothing.

  Pstraka6  |  20

Very true, it probably does carry a great deal of importance; however, someone failed to check this and inform them. Sounds like a lack of responsibility, not on OP's end

  RedPillSucks  |  31

My guess is that they were probably printed and presented in some meeting, but the coworker may have wanted to check reports from a few weeks back.
I know in my job whenever reports are presented the presenter also stores them in something like sharepoint so people can look back on them later.