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Today, a coworker asked me why this week's report was not uploaded to the server. I've been writing these reports once a week for a year and they take a whole day to write. Upload them to what server? FML
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Dont worry, the NSA uploads them automatically


grgnyce 8

...and I bet said coworker has his/her MBA...sorry OP, but stupidly is everywhere!!

RedPillSucks 31

Why would you think the coworker did something stupid?

I can't really tell what the fml here is, someone help

cdawg69 10

Dont dog on someone with an MBA, it takes hard work and dedication. Have you ever taken the Graduate Management Exam? Open up a book and dont stereotype

incoherentrmblr 21

If it takes you a whole day to write a weekly report, you're either procrastinating on the report or your coworker is extremely impatient. I'm going with the latter...

Your coworker doesn't have a clue does he?

I don't think it's the coworker that has no clue.

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JMichael 25

He's been doing it for a year now. Pretty sure he has some clue of what he's doing.

nlm92 15

Yeah if it's been going on for a year without question or concern it's natural to assume you've got things down.

#4 is right. This guy went through all that time to write reports once a week for a year, but was too ignorant to find out what to properly do with it after he was finished. YDI for sure

No one is perfect. And this may come as a surprise to you but that includes you.

Rather than asking FML, OP. Did you ask your coworker?

You understand what a rhetorical question is, right?

Pstraka6 20

Mistakes happen and clearly its not an important one if its been going on for a year. just ask how to and maybe speak with thr supervisor!

not important? The question implies that nobody ever even bothered looking at these reports, which means OP has been writing 50+ (over a year, weekly) reports for Jack sh*t. That's 2 months of writing. For nothing.

Pstraka6 20

Very true, it probably does carry a great deal of importance; however, someone failed to check this and inform them. Sounds like a lack of responsibility, not on OP's end

RedPillSucks 31

My guess is that they were probably printed and presented in some meeting, but the coworker may have wanted to check reports from a few weeks back. I know in my job whenever reports are presented the presenter also stores them in something like sharepoint so people can look back on them later.

and that's when you correct him and say "no dear, this year's report was not uploaded to the server"

I hate it when people make condescending comments.

Hmmmmm....a file cabinet can almost be a "server" for writings.

CurlyQute 17

There is no server. You're doing it right. Point your co-worker to the filing cabinet where your reports are stored.

nlm92 15

What is this ancient device you call a filing cabinet?