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  lotrgeek  |  10

Actually, this happened to me too once.. Except it was my little black book with all my sex details and my mom snooped.. And for everyone who says YDI for lying to your parents, do you want your parents to know your sexual history/details? What they don't know won't hurt them.

  Randonymous  |  1

What? Why should it hurt a parent if their kid had sex? I don't know what your families are like, but I could tell my mom when I had my first time. And you know what? She was happy for me. We even went to eat at our favorite restaurant as sort of a small celebration.
So I don't see why you should keep a secret from your parents.

  Kerdooski  |  8

12: If you're having sex in your parents house, then they have every right to know what you're doing. Especially at 16. You're still a minor, and no matter how grown up you feel, you're still not an adult and shouldn't be making adult decisions. But if you want to act like an adult, then get a job and start paying rent. I'm 18 and I learned that the hard way.