By laydeegaga - 07/03/2010 08:13

Today, my mom cleaned my room, while doing so she found a very detailed sex book I got from an ex boyfriend as a "gift". For years I had her convinced I was still a virgin, until today. FML
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that sucks, but YDI don't lie to parents, they always know....

don't have sex if you can't own up to it. at least she didn't find a pregnancy test


that sucks, but YDI don't lie to parents, they always know....

more like they'll always fond out karmas a bitch and bites everyones ass

well they always find out. sometimes miracles happen and they do

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why would you keep something an ex got you anyway?

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That comment made my day, freshPie. :) In regard to your picture, did you know Pi Day is on March 14? *is a math freak*

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wow, my ex tgrew away all tge diamond necklace, abd love letters i ever gave her, and you kept a damn book... FML

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Well why in the hell is your mother cleaning your room?! Big boys clean their own rooms!

I agree with Monikabug. If you're old enough to be sexually active, you're old enough to clean your own damn room. YDI.

Monikabug, actually it should be big girls clean their own room =P

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Oh! I retract my previous statement, thank you. :) Well why in the hell was your mother cleaning your room?! Big GIRLS clean their own rooms!

Agree with Monika, that is a bit ridiculous. You probably won't have that problem anymore since your mom will be removing your door...

that sucks but you deserve it.. why would your boyfriend give you that y'all must be kinkyyy!

I don't blame her. I clean my own room but sometimes I'll come home and it'll be clean, my mother randomly cleans or is quite the snoop.

Actually, this happened to me too once.. Except it was my little black book with all my sex details and my mom snooped.. And for everyone who says YDI for lying to your parents, do you want your parents to know your sexual history/details? What they don't know won't hurt them.

What? Why should it hurt a parent if their kid had sex? I don't know what your families are like, but I could tell my mom when I had my first time. And you know what? She was happy for me. We even went to eat at our favorite restaurant as sort of a small celebration. So I don't see why you should keep a secret from your parents.

don't have sex if you can't own up to it. at least she didn't find a pregnancy test

YDI for not bullshitting a huge and complicated lie and having it all fall apart later.

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No way it's a YDI because her name is Laydeegaga, ruining our radio.

You are both win. I love watching complicated lies unravel while not listening to Lady Gaga.

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this is why you don't lieeeee

No, this is why you should dispose of evidence.

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What does it matter if she knows your not a virgin. Who cares. YDI for haveing your mom clean your room.

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Exactly. Maybe if you got off your lazy ass and cleaned you own room your mother wouldn't find your personal belongings.

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YDI for not cleaning your own damn room.

you live with mommy, you have no privacy. grow the **** up.

maybe she is only like 16 like me?? wow stupid ever thought about that!!!

12: If you're having sex in your parents house, then they have every right to know what you're doing. Especially at 16. You're still a minor, and no matter how grown up you feel, you're still not an adult and shouldn't be making adult decisions. But if you want to act like an adult, then get a job and start paying rent. I'm 18 and I learned that the hard way.