By toot_toot_turtle - United States - Monroe
Today, at my brother's baseball practice, two 6 year-old girls wanted a piggy back ride. I get this a lot due to my size, so after telling their mom how good I was with kids, I let one get on my back. I then promptly tripped over a puppy and face planted, resulting in a crying child. FML
toot_toot_turtle tells us more :
I forgot to add that both the kid and puppy are fine. My pride? I will never be able to go to my brothers baseball games again. D:
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By  Twisted_Angel  |  17

Okay. accidents happen... but how do you trip over a puppy? Was he just sitting there and you didn't see him? Did he run in front of you? Or was it his leash you didn't see? Hopefully you, the child, and the puppy weren't hurt... but next time maybe try to stay away from anything you could possibly trip over while giving piggy back rides?