By haveahappyperiod - 04/10/2013 09:39

Today, my purse was stolen from my bag while I was on the train. The thief will be surprised to find that it wasn't my money purse, but in fact my "period purse". Hope they find tampons useful. FML
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lol that's an fml for that person. good for you though.

you just KNOW that guy would get nothing but YDIs :P

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Not good for OP, why do you think she had her period purse with her in the first place? ;)

I'm not sure, but I thought most females carry around spares just in case of an emergency or if another woman is in desperate need of one.

Haha ya sounds more like an FML on the thief's part XD

I always have what I like to call a "boy scout" kit, so I always come prepared. lots of women I know do that too

I carry around tampons but in my actually purse. So if someone stole my purse, they'd get the whole works! Tampons, money...knives >:)

Now I'm just waiting for the fml that reads "I stole a wallet full of tampons"

No you life sucks or you deserve it, more like they deserved it.

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I actually have a period purse that says that on it.

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Gee, I wish there was a button for that...

Hahaha that's hilarious, sorry for your loss though.

Women beome emotionally attached to things that go in their ******.

Why is 85 getting thumbed down? I thought that was brilliant.

60, women just get emotional while on their period!

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True #46, but she probably had a period purse because she was on her period...hopefully she had enough money on her to buy more tampons, or even some pads. So OP, I'm sorry that happened to you. I'd be mad as hell if someone stole my tampons. When I leave my house in the mornings, I'm gone for at least 12 hours. On normal days, it's said that leakage starts at 5-6hrs, and TSS (toxic shock syndrome) starts at over 10hrs maybe 11. If you didn't bring any money, and can't borrow any you're royally screwed if you planned on being out of the house for too long and are on your period. Hopefully it all went/goes well.

ya but this isn't really a your life sucks, or you deserve it... her purse didn't get stolen! not that its good the other bag got stolen but its better than her money purse

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yeah well if a girl carries a period bag with her usually she is on her period...

karma to the theif in a way? other than that, i guess you can be glad that tampons are easily replacable haha. c:

shouldn't this be their FML? that one would be a massive YDI

Why does she deserve it, for being on her period? Dumbass

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He was talking about the thief deserving it, Dumbass.

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#6 was saying that it would be a YDI for the person that stole OP's purse. I'm sorry #14 but you made yourself look like a dumbass.

while it sucks that you'll be temporarily without your tampons and pads, I would love to see the look on the thief's face when he realizes what he made off with.

Maybe the thief was a woman and she'll find them helpful.

Thief: *looks in purse expecting money, but instead sees tampons* "it's a good thing I decided to steal a purse when I was on my period!!"

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Maybe the thief was on her period

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Shouldnt the thief be making this FML?

An inconvenience to have your feminine stuff stolen, but at least you got the last laugh OP. At least you won't have to deal with the hassle of replacing your ID and credit cards.