By nickyboy - 02/12/2010 17:02 - Australia

Today, while having sex on the couch with my single neighbour, a beam in the couch broke. Not even slightly fazed, she said, "It's okay, my husband can fix it." Husband? FML
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She was talking about YOU, silly! She already wants to marry you! :D

You are probably a very unobservant fellow. If she's your neighbor you should probably see his car at least.


You are probably a very unobservant fellow. If she's your neighbor you should probably see his car at least.

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The husband isn't going to come over to fix this guy's couch. Duh!

are you seriouse i mean being naighbors hello wouldnt you have noticed ? her husbad

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Serious* Neighbors* Husband* Come on now..

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if your her neighbor you should know she has a husband

Well at least you'll have something to talk about once you finally meet this person.

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YDI for not knowing she is married...i mean really come on how do you not know something like that...

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@29 Clearly he came on the couch.

It's okay. Noone ever notices the husband

Not that they matter or anything, right?

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The husband will probably matter when your looking for your teeth in the mud.

#34, why would you assume that the husband is physically stronger than the person the wife is cheating on the husband with?

it's not about the fact of whether the husband's stronger or not, I think it's more of a passion/adrenolin someones been sleeping with my wife in my house kinda thing.

what if the op is a 350 pound buff ass bodybuilder who has a 9th degree black belt and the husband is a skinny dude who fix couches for a living?

If the OP had a 9th dan black belt... He wouldn't need to be a body builder or 350 pounds... :') just saying.

he (the husband) doesn't need to be buff to pull a trigger! just saying :)

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maybe they have an open relationship....or maybe not

She probably didn't know about your wife, either.

Um wow. You would think that he'd ask beforehand if she was married before they had sex. Unless she lied and said no, then it would be a completely different story.

He made assumptions, thinking this woman wasn't an adulterous *****. Ah well.

That's not a question people generally think to ask. It's not like you ask your friends if they have bear traps lying around their home before you enter, you just sort of assume.

I would think a man WOULD ask that before sticking his dick into the unknown abyss. Maybe that's just me.

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"Unknow Abyss"? Damnit Doc. *voice of Stewie* My sex life is ruined. Ruined!

doc. I'm sorry to break it to you but real men like sex. you prob have 20 years on me and I know that it's common sence