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Today, while at a party, Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" started playing. For being the only one who didn't know the lyrics, I had beer thrown on me, my shirt stolen, and I was locked outside for half an hour. It's below freezing. FML
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HOW IS THIS A YDI?!?!??! He got locked outside shirtless and wet in hypothermic conditions for not knowing the lyrics to the song????? You guys are ******* sociopaths!!

so you are at a party, how exactly did they figure out that you didn't know the lyrics? did they demand that you recite it with them? kinda bullshit at a party to do that. I'm not a music buff but I know a few verses.



FIRST bitches, oh and YDI for being stupid

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YDI. My grandmother and her grandmother know that song.

I don't know the song. I m not American. nothing wrong with that

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how would anyons great great grandmother still be alive?!

hey man I was the one who threw the beer. at you u deserved it no one liked u at that party any way ur not invited to the next one by the way

ive had this fml app for a day now. I've seen #13 comment on every one I've opened. it must be nice to be a publess 13 year old ******* loser with absolutly nothing to do. btw, sweet picture man. you are so cool!! wish I had a picture with my shirt off. good thing u don't show your face, then everyone would b posting fyl. I hope this day never ends, I'm going to stive to b #1 on every post!! ******!

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fyl op! journey sucks somethin awful, i dont know that song either. ida punched the jackass who threw beer on me if i were u.

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your probably mad because your fat and he has abbs!

Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world She took the midnight train goin' anywhere Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit He took the midnight train goin' anywhere A singer in a smokey room A smell of wine and cheap perfume For a smile they can share the night It goes on and on and on and on (Chorus) Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard Their shadows searching in the night Streetlights people, living just to find emotion Hiding, somewhere in the night.

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he just used that as a photo so people would be all "oh you're so hot" and he could go "thanks ladies"... oh wait he already did that on another fml

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Hahaahahahhhah that's sooo funny you so deserved that!

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Hahahah you sooo deserved that!!

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how do u know the band and song name but not the lyrics at all?   u fail.

haha ya that's it. having a pic with my shirt off is the coolist! just like being first to comment. omg soooo cool to b first. don't b mad imreallytired, ur just upset I made fun of the only thing u have fun to do in ur life. try drinking a beer, make a friend (fml friends don't count).

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amen! that guy deserved it! its almost unamerican not to know the words to that song. **** him

It's actually a great opportunity; knowing that alcohol never freezes, look to see if there was ice forming on the rest of your clothes, and also potentially your skin. If it did, then it means that those beers were watered down, and that you were all drinking shit.

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hahahahhahahahahaha I read that one!!!

how could u not know the lyrics u ass u r not a true american

Don't stop belevin' Hold on to that dream yeah-yeah Streetlights. Peopllllllle... :D

wow ur a dick I hope you get eaten by a bear or something you ****

He deserves it because he doesn't listen to Journey, who happen to be a reletively mediocre band.

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don't learn the lyrics. that song sucks.

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that's sad. that song sucks. every one knows the song and it's fans refer to it's detracters as unamerican is the sign of song that sucks.

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or maybe we can fifer the subjective song an move to something different. anyway you want it, that's the way ya' need it! anyway ya' want it yeah! she loves to dance. she loves to sing. she lives everything .... so on and so forth

You definitely deserve it. I almost want to call it fake, but then i remember some people are mentally handicapped and you could be one of them. It's the only explanation for you willingly admitting such a thing.

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I've never heard of it, and I ****** LOOOVE the USA! AMERICA FTW, BITCHES!

Why the hell is EVERYONE singing/playing Don't Stop Believing all of a sudden? I don't know where it's come from. I hadn't heard it in years, then suddenly it's on this Glee thing, and the radio's playing it non stop (I'm in Britain), and everyone's singing it. WTF? Also, everyone on here who says YDI and isn't joking is a ******* psychopath! It's a SONG. IMO it's a good song, but it's starting to annoy the hell out of me because it's everywhere. And whether or not you think it's a good song, that doesn't give you any right to do what they did to the OP. That's just ******* insane. OP, find some new friends, cos these guys are total idiots. That's not some funny prank, or a laugh, that's ****** up. And get the hell over this song! Seriously! It's just a song...

Um, actually, alcohol does freeze when it gets cold enough, and all beer is low enough by percentage to freeze in an average freezer. I've accidentally made beersicles while chilling beer when I've been impatient.

FYL for never seeing the Barclay Card advert.

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WTF?!? Just because you don't know the lyrics to a song, doesn't mean you deserve it. FYL

hmmm, the guy is British! so yes, he does not need to be pro-american....besides, it is a corny and crappy ftl of the other guys...go to M&S, buy a new shirt, and straight-on to the pub mate, where you can sing Waltzing Matilda or something...

@33: this song did exist before glee, y'know.

Everyone knows Don't Stop Believin'! You can't be a functioning member of society without it! D:

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you sick ****.you deserve it for disgracing that song!

journeys a shitty song n so is ipwnnoobz. fyl Op

#41, y wuld op want to hang with losers who listen to crappy music? u guys r assholes anyway, giving him so much crap just for not knowing the lyrics to a crappy song.

You are right ALCOHOL doesn't freeze. To bad beer is only like 5% and the rest is... guess what... water. Which means beer will freeze. and if you freeze a beer you pretty much ruin it because it causes it to separate. @OP: you were prolly better off freezing your ass off outside and shirtless than at a party where you'd be thrown out for not knowing the lyrics to Journey.

Who doesn't know that song??? I'll tell ya who.... The damn Communists!!!

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Everyone telling this guy he's un-American for not knowing this song is retarded this guy is from the uk get your facts right people

Aw! Sorry dude, that sucks but...I'm 15 and I know that song by heart because its on Glee...U should watch Glee.

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Journey sucks balls. All of the girls at my church sing it at the top of their lungs every time it comes on. Sure, it's pleasant the first 2 times, but after the 5th time it just gets repetative. It's not even that great a song.

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well actually, "Don't Stop Believin'" has been in iTunes' top ten rock songs by downloads for almost forever, despite the fact that it's over 20 years old.

I don't understand how the OP could NOT know the lyrics. I thought everyone knew them, like the song or not.

Ya, OP deffinatly desevred that for living under a rock

I've never even heard of the song... Although I never listen to the radio, watch little TV and the only music I listen to seems to be obscure European heavy metal.

I was under the impression people were born knowing the lyrics.

**** I love that song he deserves it and 4 is smokin

I find it sad you need glee to learn the lyrics.

Glee is garbage and their cover of that song is disgraceful.

First the fact that OP doesn't know this song.. Is a disgrace. Second, the fact that you only know it because of glee maybe worse. That show is terrible.

Who cares if someone knows the lyrics of the song or not. Gees, it's not the end of the world!

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Why does this have so many thumbs down ? Lol

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YDI big time. How can you not know the words to that?.. EPIC LOSE,

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but its the fact that practically everyone knows that song. everyone has heard it at least once in their life (although most likely more) and if you haven't you must live under a rock (please excuse the horrible cliche) or be deaf. and basically everyone knows at least the first verse, cause thats what gets played/heard the most. i hate that song because its ridiculously overplayed, but i still know all the lyrics and if it comes on at a party or something i sing along cause its just what you do haha

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i didn't want to reply to this comment, wtf. i wanted to reply to #10

I don't know the lyrics. Just like Bob Chen who fishes for a living from his straw boat in Southern China doesn't either.

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Who doesn't know the lyrics to that song? Also; take it as a compliment if somebody stole your shirt. Maybe they thought you had a nice body. Thought it seems pretty pathetic that somebody would be able to "steal" your own shirt from you if you were wearing it (unless for whatever reason you weren't at the time). Maybe you should go find the prostitute from that journey song to keep warm!

Ha, its all your fault for not knowing the lyrics. I'm sorry, thats just not right

YDI completely. Deport him to Canada or maybe some hole in the ground.

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Excuse me? That's such an insult to Canada. We don't want some idiot roaming our provinces

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Mmkay, I think that might have been cut off. If it wasn't, sorry. Should end "and territories who can't even sing along to "Don't Stop Believin'." You can keep him."

We don't want dumb Americans in Canada.

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Just a small town girl Livin' in a lonely wooorld She took the midnight train going anywhere...

Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit He to took the midnight train going anywhere....

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a singer in a smokey room, the smell of wine and cheap perfume, for a smile they can share the night, it goes on and on and on and onn.....

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strangers...waiting up and down the boulevard their shadows searching in the night

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streetlight...people...livin just to find emotion hidin...somewhere in the niiiiiight!

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Workin' hard to get my fill Everybody wants a thrill

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payin anything just to roll the dice / just one... more... time...

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sit up in a smokey room, the smell of wine and cheaap perfuuuuuuume..

Oh the movie never ends it goes on and on and on and ooonn

so you are at a party, how exactly did they figure out that you didn't know the lyrics? did they demand that you recite it with them? kinda bullshit at a party to do that. I'm not a music buff but I know a few verses.